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IoT groups are like an orchestra tuning up: The music starts in 2016

Multiple industry groups formed in 2014, and there will probably be just as many a year from now

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Google wants you to design the Internet of things

Impatient for the Internet of things, Google is providing seed money for researching new technologies

FoundationDB gears up for the Internet of Things

The latest FoundationDB database is capable of writing more than 14 million records per second

Intel's IoT vision sees far more than chips

The new Intel IoT Platform combines hardware, software, and partnerships designed to help its customers quickly churn out complete systems

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Ho ho no! While you shop this season, beacons will spam you

Marketers have found a new channel to abuse, but it doesn't have to be this way

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5 ways to prepare for Internet of things security threats

Excitement over IoT benefits may soon give way to concern over the uncertain security outlook.

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The Internet of things to bring a new economic boom

IoT is the third big technology 'wave' in the last 50 years -- and perhaps the biggest

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Home automation is a solution in search of a problem

The best-known part of the Internet of things is full of dubious products and notions

IoT in the enterprise up three-fold, study finds

Survey also finds that customer experience is now the top benefit of Internet of Things deployment


8 tech buzzwords that you need to know

Impress your friends at this year’s holiday gatherings by dropping a few of these terms

Roast Turkey

A data-stuffed turkey on your Thanksgiving table

From shopping to cooking, from social interactions to sports, our lives are driven by data. Even your Thanksgiving meal is no exception. Let’s explore how to cook a splendid, juicy, data-stuffed turkey.

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Microsoft adds IoT, big data orchestration services to Azure

Microsoft is looking to expand on the big data capabilities of its Azure cloud platform with three new services

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Security jobs are hot, thanks to the Internet of things

Security certifications are soaring in value as thousands of new jobs are there for the taking

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Skip the hub; your mobile device is your IoT gateway

Central hubs will entrap users, device makers, and developers alike, when IoT control is already in their hands

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Why your future is in the public cloud

It's not a question of if, but of when: Most of enterprise computing will eventually be sucked up into the public cloud, kind of like the rapture in slow motion. This is not exactly a radical notion, but signs of a great skyward...

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Far from Silicon Valley, a big bet on the Internet of things

In Australia, a twist on grid computing paves the way to the city of the future -- and creates new opportunities for developers

New rules aim to prevent IoT devices from taking down mobile networks

Carriers are scared that sloppily written apps and chatty devices will overload their networks with signaling traffic

Slideshow: The Future of Programming

Gartner lays out its top 10 tech trends for 2015

Internet of things, smart machines, pervasive analytics, and 3D printing are all part of Gartner's list of strategic technologies for the year ahead


Nadella says Windows 10 will tie everything together in the IoT

On Windows 9, the Microsoft CEO tells a Gartner crowd: 'It came and went'

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