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Microsoft launches IoT Hub to ingest data from the physical world

The Azure IoT Hub helps companies manage a massive fleet of embedded devices

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Nokia's IoT security tool takes in the whole network

The NetGuard platform is designed to work with any vendor's network equipment

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Cisco's CTO charts a new direction

In an exclusive interview, Zorawar Biri Singh sketches Cisco's future role in a next-generation data center infused with containerized microservices and pervasive analytics

President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

A tech policy agenda for an uncertain political future

The top tech priorities for Congress and President Obama this year should be fostering data-driven innovation and the Internet of Things, increasing digital trade and passing the TPP, fighting patent litigation abuse and patent...

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Node could bring JavaScript to the Internet of things

PaaS provider Structure sees Node.js and JavaScript offering an easier route than languages like C and C++ if it can overcome its footprint issues

IDC Directions 2016 - Internet of Things with Vernon Turner

IDC Directions 2016 – Internet of Things with Vernon Turner. Connect with IDC’s top analysts at the industry’s premier event :: Mar 2 in San Jose & Mar 22 in Boston ::

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Linux zero-day hangs heaviest over Android and IoT

Most Linux vendors will promptly patch this escalation privilege vulnerability, but many Linux devices are likely to remain vulnerable for years

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Hardcore computing: The nitty-gritty of embedded systems

Want an in-depth, hands-on view of computing? Take a trip to the wild side with embedded systems

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2020 vision: The triumph of cognitive IoT

In a few years, smart endpoints will distribute cognitive capability everywhere, and we'll wonder how we ever did without it

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Don't rush your company into an IoT app platform

It's a big decision because it's hard to back out of middleware, analyst says

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The cloud and the Internet of things are inseparable

The Internet of things requires the cloud to work, and the cloud will evolve to better serve IoT

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Best of CES 2016 in pictures: The year IoT took over

A look at the best of CES 2016, featuring a whole lot of IoT, smart home, and wearable technology


AT&T and Smart Cities

Glenn Lurie, president and CEO of AT&T Mobility, sits down with Computerworld reporter Matt Hamblen to discuss AT&T's launch of a Smart Cities platform.


AT&T smart city panel discussion highlights

AT&T's focus on smart city Internet of Things technology brings with it weighty political concerns, including how taxpayers, voters and elected officials will react as projects get under way.

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Android is ousting Windows from its last mobile bastion

Microsoft's coming end of support for Windows Embedded is forcing the industry to look elsewhere

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Wi-Fi for the Internet of things gets a name: Wi-Fi HaLow

Look for low-power, long-range IoT gear to be certified in 2018

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What you need to know about home IoT standards at CES

Don't get too excited about all your Internet of things devices getting along -- yet

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Editors' predictions: 2016's key IT trends

Video: What does the future hold? IDG's experts tell you!

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