Internet of Things

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

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IoT spurs surprise surge in assembly language popularity

This month's Tiobe Index of language popularity has the assembly language cracking the top 10, likely due to its use in small IoT devices

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SoftBank will acquire ARM for $32 billion

The acquisition would give SoftBank a strong presence in the smartphone and IoT markets

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U.S. pumps $400 million into next-generation wireless research

A new federal initiative seeks to spark 5G mobile services and the internet of things

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FCC hails 'monumental' vote opening new spectrum for 5G and IoT

The U.S. is the first nation to set aside spectrum for 5G services

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IBM and AT&T are cozying up to IoT developers

The companies want to make it easier for enterprises to take IoT deployments from concept to reality

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How the internet of things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and its network of connections


This company hopes the road ahead is paved with solar panels

Solar Roadways is an Idaho startup that's developed a system of modular solar panels, which they hope will one day power cities, recharge your car, and make roads safer.

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Too many IoT networks? Cisco just bet on this one

Cisco is introducing gateways for LoRaWAN networking low-power wireless networks and fatter pipes like Ethernet cables

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Advancing the art of the cognitive chatbot

Frameworks are just beginning to emerge for a microservices approach to intelligent personal assistants

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Uh-oh: The NSA wants in on IoT

The cat-and-mouse game over data privacy must stop, and it's time to seek a reasonable compromise with the government over tracking activities

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5 questions for Apple to answer at WWDC

The Apple Watch, Cortana, and HomeKit could all use updates

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HPE's new converged IoT systems bring horsepower to the edge

HPE says its latest Edgeline systems can crunch data at the edge without sending it to the cloud

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Real or virtual? The two faces of machine learning

The combination of big data, predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, and the Internet of things together powers two very different technology paths

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IBM and Cisco are taking IoT analytics to the edge

The companies are bringing some smarts from IBM's Watson platform to Cisco edge devices

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25% off Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Internet-Connected TVs - Deal Alert

The Logitech Wireless Touch K400 Plus enables laid-back control of your TV-connected computer. Watch video, browse the web and chat with friends from your couch.

How IoT will change the job market

Hard skills like circuit design and security will be critical, but there are other, less tangible ways IoT will affect the demand for tech workers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cortana

Microsoft updates Dynamics CRM with a new IoT twist

A Connected Field Service tool focuses on predictive maintenance

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How the IoT keeps Ben & Jerry’s ice cream safe

Smart technology such as temperature sensors help Udder Ventures keep freezers at its Ben & Jerry's franchises running and prevent ice cream meltdowns

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