Internet of Things

IoT data flood

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Here's what the new Intel will look like

The chip maker is scaling back its PC efforts and going deep on 3D memory, FPGAs, and silicon photonics

machine learning

Why machine learning is the new BI

Get ready for artificial intelligence and automation that helps you make business decisions rather than just understanding what happened in the past

lighthouse night warning

Why Apple's iBeacons technology has gone nowhere

The iPhone user base is huge, but Apple's commitment to privacy and the difficulty in managing beacons conspire against success

Intel chip

Intel starts baking speedy FPGAs into chips

If Nvidia and AMD have graphics processors, Intel is now deploying screaming co-processors of its own answer in the form of FPGAs

20160225 stock mwc ericsson vehicle connectivity display model trucks 2

On many IoT projects, IT shops get left behind

Survey also finds that monitoring employees is the No. 1 thing companies want to do with IoT


Smart cities: Barcelona

What does the future hold for 'smart city' technologies? Computerworld takes to the streets of forerunner Barcelona to find out.

intel lrg

Intel on the cheap: Chip maker ships $15 IoT developer board

The Quark Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000 can be used to develop gadgets, wearables, and IoT products

space crime security cars iot startups

Behold the glorious future -- with the same old security

From delivery drones to implanted medical monitors, technology is about to become more incredible -- but not more secure

safety zone chemicals storage

3 safeguards for intelligent machines

How can we ensure that autonomous devices, including Internet of things endpoints, will never go rogue? Start with these three basic principles


At MIT, a glimpse into our techno future

At the MIT 'Connected Things' Enterprise Forum, a well-connected -- and radically different -- future begins to emerge

IoT security hero image

UL takes on cybersecurity testing and certification

The Cybersecurity Assurance Program uses a new set of standards to test network-connected products for software flaws

20160225 stock mwc open connectivity foundation ocf smart home

Microsoft puts Windows 10, Cortana at the center of smart homes

Windows 10 will be able to support more IoT devices with new standards coming in 2017

20160331 scott guthrie build16

Microsoft fires back at AWS with Azure Functions service and more

A new IoT Gateway SDK will help developers connect old hardware to the cloud

blocked shot basketball

Samsung unleashes ad blocking Android browser

Also in today's open source roundup: Oracle wants $9.3 billion dollars from Google for using Java in Android, and 5 open source home automation tools

windows defender

Microsoft is not giving up on Universal Windows Platform

Despite lukewarm developer interest, the Microsoft Build schedule indicates Microsoft plans to double down on Universal Windows Platform

20160328 bsquare truck iot illustration

Enterprise IoT rollouts still need outside assistance -- but new software can help

IoT specialist Bsquare is adding a modular software stack to its engineering services

20160224 stock mwc iot booth sign

Samsung is developing a new OS for the Internet of things

The company is expected to provide details of the open-source OS at a developer conference next month

20160224 stock mwc iot booth sign

LambdaNative brings functional programming to IoT

The development environment's founders look to expand LambdaNative to the Internet of things

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