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Robots, not routers, are the future of the new Cisco

Cisco’s new CEO is doubling down on the Internet of things and making software the star of the show

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Robotics, automation play a big role in Gartner's top 10 predictions

Machines will replace more writers, and by 2018, 2 million workers will be required to wear health monitors

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Internet of things steals cloud spotlight at AWS Re:Invent

There's a simple reason: IoT needs the cloud to succeed

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SanDisk builds tougher flash for IoT devices

SanDisk introduced a line of heavy-duty, long-lasting flash storage cards for connected industrial equipment in the Internet of Things.

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Get started on IoT programming with Codebug

For less than $20, Codebug sets the foundation for building simple wearable devices


An API is not the product, but it makes the product better

To borrow the punch line from a famous ad campaign, an API is not a product. But it can be found in many of the products you use, making them better

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IoT standards must start in the cloud

The complexity of the Internet of things will only get worse, and focusing on interoperability is not the solution


4 ways APIs will help grow a data-driven business

REST APIs can have a deeper impact and use than simply powering the interactions between your back end and front end. There are several ways they can impact your business.

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft's enterprise-grade security is coming to Windows 10 IoT

Developers can now buy a kit to get started with Microsoft's embedded OS, which will feature Bitlocker encryption and Secure Boot

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Verizon launches wireless private network traffic management

Some IoT functions would get higher priority than others in a crowded network


Why you should care about security and reliability of data on the Internet of things

Hortonworks just added to their portfolio an open source project, originating from the NSA, that provides and secures access to data from the Internet of things. This addition puts in an interesting perspective some challenges linked...

Slideshow: The Future of Programming

More automation, fewer jobs ahead

Internet of things in 2025: Report predicts the good and bad in the decade ahead

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4 no-bull takeaways about Salesforce's new IoT platform

Puzzled over Salesforce's new IoT Cloud? Here's what you most need to know


The Trillion-Device Future?

Speakers at the DARPA Wait What? Future Technology Forum discuss the benefits and challenges of a future in which trillions of devices will have data and network connectivity.

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IBM snaps up StrongLoop to add Node.js smarts to BlueMix

IBM's acquisition of a major force in Node.js development enriches its cloud support for Node and bolsters its IoT initiative

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Project Oxford: Microsoft serves up APIs for intelligent apps

Microsoft talks up IoT potential of the cross-platform Oxford SDKs and face, speech, and vision APIs

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SAP embraces Hadoop with new in-memory analytics tool

Vora allow companies to analyze distributed Hadoop data with corporate data using SAP's Hana platform

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Real-time computing: Gateway to the Internet of things?

The next big computer trend may involve precision rather than speed

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