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Beyond Arduino and Raspberry Pi: Maker boards bring home the Internet of things

Big vendors are infiltrating the maker movement, tapping its creative minds to build the Internet of things -- with ridiculously low-cost prototyping kits, cloud services, and dev environments

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Windows goes Node for Microsoft's Internet of things

The Chakra JavaScript engine will bridge the gap to run Node.js on Windows on ARM systems

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All hail the next big job: Chief IoT Officer

IT may not be qualified to handle the task because of its traditional inward focus

Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers

Interview of everything: Cisco CEO Chambers on white boxes, SDN, leadership, and the cloud

Little did we know that our interview with John Chambers at Cisco’s Texas Data Center Day in April might be our last with him as the company’s CEO. As we learned this week, he’ll hand the reins to Chuck Robbins in July, though will...

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Economist: The Internet of things will deliver surge of productivity

Harvard economist Michael Porter foresees an IoT-led 'real opportunity for a surge of growth -- a surge of productivity, a surge of innovation'

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Behold the good bot and more surprises from our undergrads

Our society hinges on the teachings in university classrooms. Thankfully, there's good news to report

Cisco's Chambers: Internet of Everything will change business forever

CEO John Chambers pulls no punches when laying out the challenges facing the channel in the IoE era

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Internet of things and Azure headline Microsoft Build

The Build developer conference will spotlight Microsoft's vision and architecture for connected devices and Azure

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The Internet of things doesn't -- and shouldn't -- exist

An open, fully connected environment is impossible and dangerous, which is why IoT is really a collection of separate networks

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Schneier on ‘really bad’ IoT security: ‘It’s going to come crashing down’

Security expert Bruce Schneier says the problem of insecure devices attached to networks is going to get a lot worse before it gets better

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Privacy and security should be the least of our tech fears

As technology takes over more and more of our lives, it threatens not only our privacy or security, but our very wiring

Researchers: IoT devices are not designed with security in mind

Lack of encryption and other security issues were found in home automation hubs that could facilitate burglary, stalking, and spying

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Smart home hacking is easier than you think

Scary stories of hacking Internet of Things devices are emerging, but how realistic is the threat?

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IBM builds toward next phase with IoT push

IBM delving into the Internet of things is a sensible extension of its reinvented business model, but IoT itself covers more than what IBM's offering

IBM to pump $3 billion into new IoT business unit

The IBM IoT Cloud Open Platform could ingest and analyze Internet of Things data for enterprises

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Will open source save the Internet of things?

Middleware standards based on open source could be the glue that pulls IoT solutions together

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Open up the Internet of things with Node-red

How do you even begin to wrap your head around developing applications for the Internet of things? For Node.js devs, Node-red provides a useful visual development environment

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Crunch data from your car for fun and profit

A $99 device and a Spark back end creates an ecosystem of car-connected data and applications

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