Internet of Things

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How You Will Get Hacked Next


How to access your Raspberry Pi remotely over the internet

In this tutorial we are using RealVNC service that has been made available for free of cost for Raspberry Pi users

IOT Toothbrushes

Adding data to toothbrushes, MRI machines

From toothbrushes to high-end medical imaging equipment, Philips is offering its consumer and business customers access to more data through Internet of Things-type sensors.

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Line between cyber crooks and cyber spies getting more blurry

Actors who steal for cash and also work on government payrolls will increase over next five years, former assistant U.S. attorney says

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How Suse is becoming a key player in the IoT market

I talked to the Suse CTO to understand more about their IoT strategy

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The Android Wear 2.0 terror and other fake news

The facts about wearables' fit in and risk to the enterprise are a far cry from what the security fearmongers would have you believe

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Ransomware soars in 2016, while malware declines

IoT exploits continue to be a threat, SonicWall report says

Raspberry Pi 3 and Android Things

Google strengthens Android relationship with Intel in IoT

Google's Android Things IoT OS will be coming to Intel's Joule 570x board computer

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Does Asus Tinker Board hold any chance against Raspberry Pi?

It's a more powerful board, but it's not specs that turned Raspberry Pi into a revolution, it's something else

Predictions for the Future of Programming

Back to the future of application development

What will computing look like in the next 10 years, and what does the future hold for app developers? These trends are driving major transformation to the role

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How to wake the enterprise from IoT security nightmares

Solutions present and future for IoT security scares that keep you up at night

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Skills gap could hold back blockchain, AI, IoT advancements in 2017

CompTIA finds that IT is poised for great growth in 2017, but with big skills gaps for emerging tech, and security still tough to get right

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Let's make IoT great, for the first time, with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

The new compute module comes with a 64 bit processor and 1GB of RAM, with flexibility of on-board storage

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Why IoT standards aren't coming any time soon

A few standards are starting to come together, but it looks like the battles will go on for a few more years


Intel wants to bring IoT technology to retail

Intel says it plans to invest more than $100 million in the retail industry over the next five years.

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Innovators wanted: Machine learning, IoT jobs on the rise

Machine learning and AI-related job offers outpace the number of searches conducted for them, according to job search engine Indeed

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SiFive rolls out fully open source chip for IoT devices

In an interview, Jack Kang, VP of Product and Business Development at SiFive, discusses the FE310 chip, which will allow IoT vendors to build their own custom SoC on top of it

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IBM: AI, IoT, and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world

IBM holds its 9th 'Five Innovations that will Help Change our Lives within Five Years' -- and none of its predictions sounds like science fiction

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FTC sets $25,000 prize for automatic IoT patching

Feds cite use of internet-connected cameras to launch botnet attack as proof that better security is needed

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