Internet of Things

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Why IoT standards aren't coming any time soon

A few standards are starting to come together, but it looks like the battles will go on for a few more years


Intel wants to bring IoT technology to retail

Intel says it plans to invest more than $100 million in the retail industry over the next five years.

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Innovators wanted: Machine learning, IoT jobs on the rise

Machine learning and AI-related job offers outpace the number of searches conducted for them, according to job search engine Indeed

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SiFive rolls out fully open source chip for IoT devices

In an interview, Jack Kang, VP of Product and Business Development at SiFive, discusses the FE310 chip, which will allow IoT vendors to build their own custom SoC on top of it

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IBM: AI, IoT, and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world

IBM holds its 9th 'Five Innovations that will Help Change our Lives within Five Years' -- and none of its predictions sounds like science fiction

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FTC sets $25,000 prize for automatic IoT patching

Feds cite use of internet-connected cameras to launch botnet attack as proof that better security is needed

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ZigBee's Dotdot language is the latest bid for IoT harmony

The new application layer defines how connected devices discover and learn about each other

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5 signs we're finally getting our act together on security

Despite all the bad news in information security in 2016, some positive developments may finally shift momentum

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30% off Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Internet-Connected TVs - Deal Alert

The Logitech Wireless Touch K400 Plus enables laid-back control of your TV-connected computer. Watch video, browse the web and chat with friends from your couch.

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11 home IoT devices actually worth getting

In the internet of things are many poor home-automation products, but that doesn't mean they're all bad

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Build your own secure Pine 64 Android TV for less than $50

Don't buy those insecure IoT devices, when you can easily build your own. Here's how to do it


Smart Cities: Barcelona

Barcelona leads as a Smart City forerunner with noise and air-quality sensors, smart streetlights, smart parking, self-powered lighting and more. Computerworld tours the city to see how it all hangs together.

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Why the cloud? In 2016, it was the lure of the new

This year the cloud became not only the new normal, but also an irresistible ecosystem of the most exciting new enterprise tech


Microsoft sets the stage for Cortana-powered smart devices

Microsoft's first moves won't be in the home, it appears, but in the car

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Smart products, dumb designers

While focusing on minimalism and "doing less" is a great way to make users love your product, being your product’s primary and daily user is a sure way to reduce customer churn

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8 big data predictions for 2017

Skills requirements will shift and M&A activity will increase

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5 enterprise-related things you can do with blockchain technology today

You can use blockchains to track diamonds and make payments ... but what link do they have with pork?

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Fannie Mae CIO: Regulation fostered innovation

CIO Bruce Lee says regulation resulting from the subprime crisis put needed standardization in place. Now the stage is set for AI, IoT, an API ecosystem, and more

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