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Traits and Talents of Devops Ninjas

9 hidden talents of devops ninjas

The secret to devops success begins with an open, flexible, and lazy approach to systems and code

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How to succeed in the new connected-everything continuous IT stack

Mobile app dev technology is changing more rapidly now than ever before, and traditional development teams need to rapidly evolve in order to embrace the new connected everything continuous stack.

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Red Hat's Ansible 2.0 brings new power to devops

The latest version of the popular IT automation framework adds functionality and power while honoring backward compatibility

Get started with log-driven development

Development and test cycles are becoming quicker and more efficient, so organizations need to use log-driven development for stricter monitoring

Data virtualization: The missing link in the devops tool chain

How copy data virtualization can help streamline development and testing, while also reducing storage costs

7 Signs You're Doing Devops Wrong

7 signs you're doing devops wrong

Misconceptions and flawed implementations may have you missing the true upsides of devops

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Why devops is burning out developers

When framework evolves but culture does not, burnout is inevitable

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The 5 biggest debuts at DockerCon

Throughout DockerCon Europe last week, new products and services made their first appearances, including Docker's fledgling management system


The power of PowerShell: Essential tips Windows admins will love

Make the most of Microsoft’s command line by mastering the nuances of the PowerShell language

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Beyond devops: Embrace infrastructure as code

In the cloud, infrastructure is accessible via APIs, and developers now have complete control

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LinkedIn learns to do devops right

Bruno Connelly, vice president of engineering at LinkedIn, describes how transforming operations gave rise to a new, hyperscale Internet platform

PowerShell for Exchange Admins

The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins

Forgo the GUI in favor of the console and free yourself of the drudgery of administering Exchange

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Red Hat snaps up devops automation specialist Ansible

The popular Python-powered devops tool joins Red Hat, which plans to make it part of the larger workflow for hybrid clouds

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The power of PowerShell: An intro for Windows Server admins

In this increasingly devops-minded world, automation is king. Here’s how to get started with PowerShell

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HashiCorp: Meet Otto, the new Vagrant

The plans for a 'spiritual successor' to the Vagrant devops tool are ambitious, but it might prove to be a difficult sell for existing users

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Not sure if devops is right for your company? Look to Etsy and Netflix

Devops is a darling, but can seem daunting. Here's a checklist for seeing if your company's ready

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Nginx boosts devops with custom JavaScript

Nginx launches NginScript for configuring its Web server

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5 guidelines for building modern applications

Step back from the vast array of new tools and platforms now available to developers, and a few common principles arise to help guide your development efforts

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