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Beyond devops: Embrace infrastructure as code

In the cloud, infrastructure is accessible via APIs, and developers now have complete control

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LinkedIn learns to do devops right

Bruno Connelly, vice president of engineering at LinkedIn, describes how transforming operations gave rise to a new, hyperscale Internet platform

PowerShell for Exchange Admins

The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins

Forgo the GUI in favor of the console and free yourself of the drudgery of administering Exchange

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Red Hat snaps up devops automation specialist Ansible

The popular Python-powered devops tool joins Red Hat, which plans to make it part of the larger workflow for hybrid clouds

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The power of PowerShell: An intro for Windows Server admins

In this increasingly devops-minded world, automation is king. Here’s how to get started with PowerShell

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HashiCorp: Meet Otto, the new Vagrant

The plans for a 'spiritual successor' to the Vagrant devops tool are ambitious, but it might prove to be a difficult sell for existing users

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Not sure if devops is right for your company? Look to Etsy and Netflix

Devops is a darling, but can seem daunting. Here's a checklist for seeing if your company's ready

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Nginx boosts devops with custom JavaScript

Nginx launches NginScript for configuring its Web server

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5 guidelines for building modern applications

Step back from the vast array of new tools and platforms now available to developers, and a few common principles arise to help guide your development efforts

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Jenkins-Docker pairing gathers momentum

Jenkins and Docker together could be a force in continuous delivery


What is devops? Not even 'leaders' and 'practitioners' can agree

Delphix's first 'State of DevOps' report finds even the definition of the word is in flux among its practitioners

CA Technologies embraces devops with updated tools

CA's application management and infrastructure management software can now work together

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Will the cloud automate operations out of existence?

Microsoft distinguished engineer Jeffrey Snover says the future is bright for ops, but sophisticated cloud automation suggests a different outcome

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How containers change everything

When you integrate containers into the build workflow, all the pieces of our multi-cloud future begin to fall into place

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Cloud and devops shops, avoid the overautomation trap

Automation is good in many cases -- but not all. Too many enterprises don't make that assessment


The rise of devops in the enterprise

Andi Mann from CA Technologies explains how devops is being adopted more by the enterprise

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Don't get hung up on best practices

When it comes to designing real apps in the real world, best practices aren't always applicable

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Puppet Enterprise 3.8 adds Docker, AWS management

Puppet Enterprise 3.8 includes Docker and AWS management modules, as well as the first supported release of Razor for bare-metal management

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