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Beyond Jenkins: 7 devops tools

These alternatives to Jenkins offer unique capabilities for automating software integration and delivery


Kubernetes-powered PaaS focuses on devops

The Kel PaaS, an open source version of a long-running service aimed at Python and Django app developers, focuses on workflow and dev needs

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How ChatOps can revolutionize your business

ChatOps connects people, bots, and tools, making information readily available and creating an easier workflow

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Jenkins 2 addresses ease and security, not scalability

A future version of the continuous integration and delivery platform will tackle the scalability problem


Q&A: Gene Kim explains the joy of devops

A renowned devops expert reveals a fundamental secret to productivity -- and the satisfaction a well-run devops shop can deliver

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Puppet expands support for Docker, Kubernetes

The Puppet Enterprise 2016.1 automation platform features support modules for managing containers and microservices architectures


The next evolution of enterprise devops is to harden it

A great idea, killer functionality and a robust technology don't mean much if you can't get your code to your end users in a fast, predictable manner with high quality

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A tale of two containers

The story of Linux containers has many points of view. Vendors see it one way, but are they really addressing customers needs?

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Jenkins 2.0 eases automation for dev teams

The Jenkins upgrade will feature a new look for the delivery pipeline and the user interface

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Why Jenkins is becoming the engine of devops

The CEO of CloudBees, which offers the open source Jenkins project as a cloud service, explains Jenkins's appeal and why it's central to devops

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Career makeover: From ops to devops

Get in on the devops revolution by freeing yourself from mundane server tasks and tapping your inner coder

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The right way to combine cloud and devops

Technology and tools are important but by themselves won't provide the value you should get from marrying devops with the cloud

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Be careful when implementing data warehouse automation

Automation can be a huge help, but automating concepts before you understand them is a recipe for disaster

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Using devops to succeed in the new continuous IT enterprise

While there are many enterprises talking about their devops implementations, there are very likely fewer getting their devops efforts done right

Cool Devops Tools

8 more cool tools for devops success

Software and services aimed at automation and analytics are helping fuel the devops revolution

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What the increasing venture capital investment in devops means

In the end, money is talking in the debate over the phrase -- more investors and VCs are voting for devops with their dollars

Traits and Talents of Devops Ninjas

9 hidden talents of devops ninjas

The secret to devops success begins with an open, flexible, and lazy approach to systems and code

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How to succeed in the new connected-everything continuous IT stack

Mobile app dev technology is changing more rapidly now than ever before, and traditional development teams need to rapidly evolve in order to embrace the new connected everything continuous stack.

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