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What I learning playing prey to Windows scammers
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Enterprises outsmarting themselves with security, while attackers easily use common techniques

Attackers use common techniques to steal data while companies focus too much on sophisticated attacks

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Leaky IoT devices help hackers attack e-commerce sites

Akamai first noticed a big spike in attacks that used credentials from breaches such as the recent Yahoo hack, and traced them to badly configured IoT devices

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Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Election systems have problems, sure, but voters are the larger, softer target

hacking elections

Q&A: The myths and realities of hacking an election

We explore the myths and realities of hacking an election, by speaking with a number of security experts

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Data leaks evolving into weapons of business destruction

Increasingly, attackers are using data leaks to target the companies themselves, going after proprietary or embarrassing information and releasing it in such a way as to do the most harm.

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Security for your collaborative software

Collaborative apps like Slack and Convo are like a sieve, but no one quite knows what to do about it

password security reset questions

A quick fix for stupid password reset questions

This ridiculous feature is a major vulnerability. If you're forced to use it, here's how to make it more secure

Chip and

Trump hotel chain fined over data breaches

The chain, one of Donald Trump’s businesses, also delayed in reporting the breaches to consumers

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Hackers have a treasure trove of data with the Yahoo breach

The data breach affects at least half a billion Yahoo accounts

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Seagate NAS hack should scare us all

An under-the-radar news story proves that computers are far from the only devices prey to attack

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A single ransomware network has pulled in $121 million

A ransomware author was able to collect $121 million in ransomware payments during the first half of this year

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Why quantum computing has the cybersecurity world white-knuckled

'There is a pending lethal attack, and the clock is ticking,' a new report warns

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Voting machines are still too easy to hack

Worried about a 'rigged' election? You should be, but the risk lies in outdated technology and untrained bureaucrats, not voter fraud

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5 security practices hackers say make their lives harder

Hackers believe no password is safe from a determined attacker, but they agree that five key security measures can make it a lot harder to penetrate enterprise networks

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Regular password changes make things worse

Changing passwords is supposed to make things more difficult for attackers. Unfortunately, research shows that human nature means it makes it easier

Legislation of privacy security keyboard law legal gavel court ruling

Romanian hacker Guccifer sentenced to 52 months in U.S. prison

Lazar reportedly hacked a member of the Bush family and a former secretary of state


The Dropbox data breach is a warning to update other passwords

Compromised passwords could still give hackers a launching pad to attack users if they have been used for other internet accounts

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Dropbox changes passwords after 68M account records were compromised

The company said the compromise was related to a security incident in 2012

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