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Dangerous assumptions that put enterprises at risk

Those who make assumptions -- trusting that solutions won't fail and users won't click -- could leave a company's assets vulnerable and lead to a breach


What a Locky Ransomware attack looks like

CSO Online's Steve Ragan infects a laptop with Locky Ransomware

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MongoDB ransomware attacks sign criminals are going after servers, applications

Ransomware is lucrative, and attackers looking for new ways to extort enterprises are going after data stored on web and app servers, even SaaS apps

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More than 10,000 exposed MongoDB databases deleted by ransomware groups

Five groups of attackers are competing to delete as many publicly accessible MongoDB databases as possible

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Security expert: Ransomware took in $1 billion in 2016

And improved defenses may not be enough to stem the tide

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The real reason we can't secure the internet

We can surmount the technical and human obstacles to a dramatically more secure internet, but one factor stands in the way

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Maybe security isn't going to get better after all

Is that light at the end of the tunnel? Or is a train coming?

Network servers

Nearly half of all websites pose security risks

According to a new study of the top one million domains, 46 percent have security problems

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Despite costly attacks, 85% of business leaders confident in preparedness

If you’re like most organizations in a recent survey, you think that you’ve got the right controls in place to deal with cyberattacks. Are you ready to take the test and find out how prepared you really are?

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Cybersecurity skills aren’t being taught in college

Preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts won't be a quick fix, so business will need to get strategic

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Why it's so hard to prosecute cyber criminals

The bad guys are wreaking havoc. Why can't they be brought to justice?

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3 clues to spotting a spam scam

The notice looked real at first -- but turned out to be an obvious scam. Unraveling its origins offered an object lesson in how not to get suckered

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Surveillance cameras most dangerous IoT devices in enterprise

Networked security cameras are the most likely to have vulnerabilities, according to a new report


Yahoo investigating if insiders knew of hack

Yahoo said in a filing it was possible that its acquisition by Verizon could be terminated or renegotiated

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No, you still don't need an RFID-blocking wallet

Criminals with RFID scanners roaming the streets stealing credit card numbers should be way down your list of worries

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How Clinton could have avoided the Wikileaks fiasco

Hillary Clinton's email server and her advisers' email accounts are no more or less vulnerable than most, but securing them would have been easy

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Why blockchain’s growing pains will be worth it

Experts say blockchain has a bright future, much like the optimistic predictions the industry had for the cloud 10 years ago


Friday's IoT-based DDoS attack has security experts worried

The cybersecurity attack that relied on IoT connected devices was serious, unusual, and historic

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