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microsoft surface book

Surface Book: Finally, exciting hardware from Microsoft

Is a laptop with a removable keyboard the new laptop -- and tablet? Microsoft is betting on that proposition with the Surface Book

Microsoft to live-stream Tuesday's Surface Pro 4, Lumia event

Microsoft on Tuesday will live-stream the New York City event where it's expected to unveil a new Surface Pro 2-in-1 and a pair of flagship smartphones.

Stealthy Microsoft Surface Pro 3 firmware update brings BSODs, mayhem

Microsoft has issued 19 separate firmware updates for the Surface Pro 3 in the past 15 months

Microsoft apps on Android

Microsoft strikes a deal with Asus: We won't sue if you put Office on your Android devices

It's a classic quid-pro-quo move that helps Microsoft expand its Office ecosystem to Asus Android smartphones and tablets

windows 10 laptop

Review: The best 13-inch laptops for Windows 10

Laptops and convertibles from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft square off in our performance, workability, and battery tests

office updates for the ipad 2

iPad Pro users will need to pony up for an Office 365 subscription

The tablet's big screen size means editing Word documents will now cost you

microsoft surface pro 3

Microsoft holds hot sale on cold Surface Pro 3

In apparent anticipation of a Surface Pro 4 announcement, Microsoft has cut prices on its long-in-the-tooth version

Microsoft sets Oct. 6 as likely intro of Surface Pro 4

Microsoft will live-stream the Windows 10 device-centric event, which will also tout new Lumia smartphones


Apple iPad Pro, drone bill vetoed, NASA 4K channel - The Wrap

Apple announces the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and updates to its Watch and TV, a drone bill designed to protect privacy gets vetoed and NASA plans a 24-hour 4K television channel.

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Microsoft Surface and Dell stick it to Apple in the enterprise

By teaming up with a quartet of heavyweights, Microsoft will push Surface into the enterprise and boost Windows 10 deployment


Apple iPad Pro sports 12.9-inch screen

Apple's iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch screen and will ship in November.

surface pro 3 running windows10

Microsoft turns to Dell to push the Surface Pro into enterprise

"Selling devices is harder than it looks," says analyst of deal that leans on Dell's enterprise sales and support


Alcatel Xess tablet hands-on

The Xess tablet is bigger than your average tablet, but delivers on sound and screen.


Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 hands-on

The Lenovo Yoga Tab3 boosts a projector that can display a 70-inch image.


Lenovo has built its own Microsoft Surface: the Ideapad Miix 700

If you're a fan of Lenovo keyboards and the Microsoft Surface 3 design, the new Ideapad Miix 700 is for you.


Lenovo Ideapad Miix 700 hands-on

Lenovo's tablet-laptop hybrid sports a solid keyboard and capable kickstand.

Apple's Volume Purchasing Program lets businesses bulk purchase and deploy apps on Apple devices.

The mobile app revolution has barely begun

Smartphone and tablet innovation may have plateaued, but the game-changing potential of mobile apps has yet to be realized

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IDC lowers its 2015 outlook for the PC and tablet markets

A strong U.S. dollar, a lack of interest in upgrading hardware and a surplus of notebooks will contribute to the declines

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