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20160427 ibm a9000 flash storage appliance

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Dropbox wants to stretch desktop file storage to infinity

A new Dropbox interface allows users to see all of the files they've stored in the cloud in their computer's file explorer without requiring them to keep local copies

Microsoft gives OneDrive users until July to shrink their storage

Users must reduce what they store in the cloud or face locked accounts and file deletions

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Everspin ships high-density MRAM to safeguard data in flight

The 256Mbit and 1Gbit MRAM chips will allow hot data on servers to be stored safely even in a power failure

HPE Antonio Neri

What's in HPE's persistent memory?

HPE's 8GB nonvolatile DIMMs merge DRAM and flash into one module

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Here’s the best of the best for Windows 10. Sometimes good things come in free packages

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Intel's new super-fast SSDs feature 3D NAND

The company's first SSDs with 3D NAND chips are aimed at businesses and data centers

Take the guesswork out of storage optimization

How PernixData Architect employs a data-driven approach to managing storage for the virtual data center

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Western Digital 1 TB External Hard Drive $59 - Deal Alert

This highly rated ultra portable hard drive is currently 41% off retail price.

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Flash is rocketing into big-data analytics

At one time, all-flash storage arrays were used for a single mission-critical application with a need for speed, usually in big IT shops. Now they're poised to take over many more parts of IT

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Intel is lining up super-fast Optane SSD tech for MacBooks

Intel's been quiet about its super-fast Optane memory and SSD products, but few emerging details may provide insight into how they could be used in products like Apple's MacBooks

Get predictable performance from flash storage

How storage QoS shields mission-critical apps from latency spikes and resource contention in all-flash and hybrid arrays

Intel, Micron 3D NAND

These technologies will blow the lid off data storage

Hard disk drive and SSD makers are about to wow the storage market again


Mingis on Tech: New tech promises to blow past storage walls

Executive Editor Ken Mingis talks with Senior Reporter Lucas Mearian about the technology data storage manufacturers are using to enable new capacities for both hard drives and SSDs.

Seagate Nytro XP6500 SSD

Seagate reveals world's fastest SSD

Seagate will show off at an industry event a 10GBps SSD, 4GBps faster than any previous drive

15.36tb ssd

Samsung ships the world's highest capacity SSD, with 15TB of storage

The new PM1633a SSD comes in a 2.5-in. form factor and is targeted for enterprise storage use

What hyperscale storage really means

Commodity-based and software-defined, hyperscale infrastructure picks up where hyperconvergence leaves off

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Cisco's new wave of converged hardware built with next-gen apps in mind

New hardware offerings for storage, compute, and networking are built to support Cisco's vision for apps that span local and remote clouds


Smartphones are getting a major storage boost

Some phones introduced at MWC will feature 200GB or more of storage, making the dearth of storage in smartphones an issue of the past

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