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Take the guesswork out of storage optimization

How PernixData Architect employs a data-driven approach to managing storage for the virtual data center

Get predictable performance from flash storage

How storage QoS shields mission-critical apps from latency spikes and resource contention in all-flash and hybrid arrays

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Startup takes on Dropbox, Box, using cloud and local storage

As an alternative to enterprise and small-business file sharing services, Infinit pools storage from cloud services and your own data center -- all available to clients as if they were on local disks

Data virtualization: The missing link in the devops tool chain

How copy data virtualization can help streamline development and testing, while also reducing storage costs

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Flash as a service is coming to a system near you

Indie vendor Pure Storage is offering a new all-flash array with all components, including the controller, upgraded regularly as part of its service plan

Oracle to acquire content storage management company Front Porch Digital

Front Porch Digital technology is used by media companies, government agencies, and sports organizations for a variety of applications

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