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Debunking SSD myths

Despite the huge gains that solid-state drives are making, some myths persist -- all unjustified

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Western Digital, HGST top the list of most reliable hard drives

Hard drive failure data from cloud backup service Backblaze has Western Digital and Hitachi coming out on top -- and Seagate upping its game

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Seagate's new 500GB portable drive is about a quarter-inch thick

Seagate's thinnest portable backup hard disk drive, the Seven Portable Drive, comes in a stylish stainless-steel enclosure

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Seagate preps for 30TB laser-assisted hard drives

Seagate has just invested $55 million into its largest wafer development facility to prep for manufacturing HAMR drives.

The InfoWorld guide to disaster recovery done right

This comprehensive guide walks you through every step you'll need to take to preserve your data before disaster strikes

WD leapfrogs Seagate with world's highest capacity 10TB helium drive, new flash drives

WD announces 8TB and 10TB helium-filled hard drive line

Keeping your drives cool won't make them last longer

A study by Backblaze of hard drive failures shows they don't fail any more often if allowed to run hotter than their recommended operating temperature

Seagate releases 6TB hard drive, its fastest yet

Company disses the need for helium in high-capacity drives, as used by rival Western Digital

Backup? Documentation? We never needed it before

With no paperwork to fall back on, the techie must unravel a system problem with only one basic tidbit: the vendor name

Watch the utter destruction of hard drives holding Snowden's data

In newly released footage, computer equipment belonging to the Guardian is destroyed by order of the U.K. government

Buying a hard drive? Stats say get Hitachi, avoid Seagate

Cloud backup outfit Backblaze crunched data on low-cost hard drives in its data centers to figure out failure profiles for consumer brands

Western Digital's HAMR technology could increase disk capacity five-fold

Its demo of the heat-assisted magnetic recording technology follows earlier ones by Seagate and TDK

Study shines a light on how long hard drives actually last

After tracking 25,000 hard drives for four years, BackBlaze has some answers about the lifespan of hard drives -- answers that involve bathtubs

Helium-filled hard drives take flight, bump capacity to 6TB

Finding ways to use helium gas also let Western Digital to decrease power use by 23 percent

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