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Survey claims New York tech startup scene is more innovative than Silicon Valley

About 86 percent of IT executives surveyed consider New York to have a booming tech scene

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Can a startup democratize big data apps?

Startup Adatao claims it will do for data intelligence what the iPhone did for the mobile Internet

MODt 3D printer

How companies will convince you to buy a 3D printer

New Market's MODt printer allows users to message each other with printable designs

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Startup touts wireless charging from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals

Ossia has developed a chipset that easily integrates with mobile devices without adding additional antennas

In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

The startup's new platform looks not just at the data but at how it's been used over time

Security startup records a year's worth of network data

Lightweight sensors from ProtectWise record network data so security professionals can go back and analyze it

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Algorithmia aims to be the open source app store for algorithms and APIs

Startup offers programmers a place to host algorithms -- open source or proprietary -- that can be made available through APIs and monetized

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10 security startups to watch in 2015

With IT spending on security on the increase, here are 10 security newcomers hoping to be worthy of corporate customers

The rise (and rise) of Slack, Silicon Valley's hottest startup

IRC-for-enterprise startup Slack has released its first-year growth stats, and things are looking good

Oragami unicorn

Unicorn epidemic portends wild ride for startups

The Unicorn Club -- companies valued at more than $1 billion -- is filling up, but no one knows whether it's a good or a bad sign for tech

Internet venture funding hit a post-2000 record last year

Both Internet and software startups logged big gains in money raised


New service wants to rent out your hard drive's extra space

Storj would allow anonymous users to store data on your drive

Facebook acquires speech-recognition startup

Could a verbal 'Like' feature be on the way?

Startups: The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels ... the dumb ones

Genetic-based dating, illegal parking, awkward wake-up calls, and more!

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12 most eye-popping VC tech deals of 2014

Palantir and Cloudera were among the top venture funding recipients among enterprise IT startups

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Salesforce and Atlassian team up to help startups give back

Salesforce, Atlassian, and several other Silicon Valley heavyweights want startups to start giving 1% back to their communities

Microsoft buys Acompli to enhance Outlook for iOS, Android

Acompli's mobile e-mail client could power Office Outlook services on iPhones, Android devices

Wozniak aims to simplify all of enterprise storage

Woz has joined former Fusion-io colleagues at Primary Data, a startup that virtualizes data

The marketing of going public

Hortonworks’ early stage IPO filing raises questions about their relatively low revenue numbers, and high losses. It may be a way for them to raise their marketing profile, get a leadership aura, and benefit from Wall Street’s...

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