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Evan Thornley at Australian Labour Party rally

Startup develops optical zoom lens for smartphones

DynaOptics has already had interest from Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other smartphone makers

A wireless router may someday charge your mobile devices

Energous has developed a WiFi-style wireless charging device that sends power to anything within a 30-foot radius

10 business devices that are actually useful

These products stand out among the whozits and whatzits galore for their capability to improve business productivity and efficiency launches $100 million venture capital fund

The money will go to startups building mobile applications on's Salesforce1 platform

10 hot Internet of things startups to watch

As Internet connectivity gets embedded into every aspect of our lives, investors, entrepreneurs, and engineers are rushing to cash in

VC investors hot for the cloud, mobile, and robots

Deloitte survey shows investment in U.S. tech companies has increased for the third year in a row

Revealed! How to become a tech wunderkind in 1,286 easy steps

Love PowerPoint? Love winners? Then you'll love Ryan Allis' 1,286-slide deck on getting ahead in Silicon Valley and in life

Neura's novel approach: Baking intelligence into connected devices

Neura, a startup that has been accepted into Microsoft Ventures' accelerator program, has a novel approach to connecting devices

Smarter than Siri: Viv promises a truly intelligent assistant

AI's promise has been dangled for decades, but a startup founded by the creators of Siri may be poised to finally deliver

What the enterprise startup surge really means

The billions are flowing again -- by some estimates, at twice the investment rate in enterprise startups we saw last year. Could this actually be a sign of maturity?

Virtru launches business email encryption service for Google Apps

The service, which allows for fine administrator control of messaging, is free to try through later this year

Infosys revenue and profit rise ahead of CEO change

SAP's former technology chief Vishal Sikka will take over as CEO of Infosys on Aug. 1

Mt. Gox CEO selling, will give some proceeds to burned investors

The domain will go on sale July 24 with an opening bid of $185,000

Inbox to app developers: Disrupt our email -- please!

Startup plans to make it easier to develop apps that work with existing email services, then reinvent email from the inside out

New Docker-enabled Linux distro wants to rival Red Hat

Self-upgrading, subscription-based Linux distribution built around Docker containerization draws funding from backers for Puppet Labs

How much is Hadoop worth? For Google, $80 million

With Google's $80 million, MapR gets a chance to expand, and Google can hoard the rewards

Apple Maps search may get more personal thanks to Spotsetter buy

Apple has reportedly acquired Spotsetter, a social search and mapping startup

Mesosphere aims Twitter clustering tool at the enterprise

Mesosphere has closed new funding to expand the open-source Apache Mesos software for managing large compute clusters

Twitter snaps up Namo Media to improve ad experience

Startup company's 'adaptive templates' help developers build ads that look more like the rest of the content being displayed in an app

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