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SAP offers cash for referrals in new cloud channel program

SAP is offering a percentage of its cloud revenue to businesses that refer new customers, after handing partners a cut of contracts they helped sell in August

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SharePoint 2013 cheat sheet

How to find your way around SharePoint 2013 and make the most of its features

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Web developers get their own browser

Blisk draws on Google's Chromium with tools for developing, debugging, and testing websites

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IT users review 6 software test management tools

Developers use test management tools — from vendors such as HPE, Microsoft, and IBM — to manage their software quality-assurance programs, and identify the best and worst features

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6 machine learning misunderstandings

Enterprises should be aware of the ways machine learning can fall flat

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8 projects that give WebAssembly a lift

Waiting for WebAssembly to hit the big time in your browser? These related projects are worth checking out ahead of the rush


Google punishes web backsliders in Chrome

Browser will warn users of bad sites for at least 30 days to deal with repeat offenders

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4 open source initiatives that need your help

Open source projects and initiatives thrive on contributions and user support. Here are four that are in dire need right now

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How to get started with Microsoft Teams

In its first release, admin setup is easy but user distribution requires more work

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IBM engineer says AR will trump VR for data visualization

It turns out blocking out the world isn't great for work

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Microsoft goes after Slack with new Teams service

Teams focuses on a threaded conversation approach, rather than the separate channels approach in Slack

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Google to untrust WoSign and StartCom certificates

Google Chrome will stop trusting digital certificates issued after Oct. 21 by the WoSign and StartCom certificate authorities

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Mozilla plans to rejuvenate Firefox in 2017

Will replace parts of Gecko browser engine, offload chores to multiple CPU cores and the device's GPU

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How to maximize the value of your software IP

Your company's software could be worth a small fortune even if you no longer need it. Here's how to extract the most value from your intellectual property

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4 big changes coming soon to Firefox

Web developers and lay users alike will benefit from these four key initiatives underway with Mozilla's Servo project

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Beware shortcuts in your journey to the cloud

Cloud providers tell you to lift and shift your apps for fast migration, but that approach will cost you dearly

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How to make a SharePoint site multilingual

Translation is not a detail you add to a SharePoint site after deployment, especially because the tools that SharePoint provides can be tricky to use

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For mobile, PowerPoint still can't match Apple Keynote

The reason: Microsoft hasn't taken the vagaries of on-the-go-environments seriously enough

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