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35% off Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset - Deal Alert

This unit delivers high quality stereo sound and features a noise cancelling boom microphone. With a regular list price of $59.99, this 35% discount puts the G230 at $38.99.


Acer's new tablet, gaming PCs pack power

Acer unveiled a new tablet PC, gaming laptop and gaming desktop in New York on Thursday.


Microsoft ends Xbox 360 production

Microsoft is ending production of the Xbox 360 games console after 10 years, but owners will continue to enjoy online services and thousands of games.


PCWorld Show Episode 11

This week Jon, Melissa and Gordon discuss Nvidia's Pascal GPU, self-driving race cars?! And dig into Surface Phone, Surface Hub and HTC's Vive.


PCWorld Show Episode 10: HoloLens, PC Gaming and Bots!

This week Jon, Mark and Gordon discuss just how cool HoloLens is, if Microsoft promises to fix UWP gaming is enough and bots. And will evil Tay be back?


PCWorld Show Episode 8

This week, Jon, Gordon, and Brad wonder why Microsoft is so obnoxious about Windows 10 upgrades and hit the highlights from the Game Developers Conference, which seems all about VR this year.


PlayStation VR to launch in October at $399

Sony's PlayStation VR virtual reality headset will launch later than planned but is cheaper than many expected


PlayStation VR is coming in October

The virtual reality headset will cost $399 when it launches later this year


The Samsung Studio Experience brings a VR roller coaster to SXSW

Watch a die-hard Apple fan get all shook up by Samsung's Gear VR thrill ride and admittedly cool waterproof Galaxy S7 Edge.


Hands on: Forza Apex gives Windows 10 users a taste of a classic Xbox game

Microsoft has taken a chunk of its hit Forza Motorsport 6 racing game for the Xbox One and made it entirely free for Windows 10 PCs and DirectX 12.


Minecraft on Oculus Rift is the best VR game to date

Minecraft on HoloLens may be cool, but with Minecraft on Oculus Rift, you feel more like you stepped into the world.

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Behold the wackiest products from the Asian showcase at CES

From wearable air conditioners to a standing desk that's also a hardcore PC, Mark Hachman found some weird, wild stuff in the Asian pavilions at CES 2016.


Homido turns just about any smartphone into a VR headset

Ready to take a step up from Google Cardboard? Homido's VR headset may be just the thing for you.


HTC's Vive VR headset put me on Mount Everest, and I was utterly terrified

The Vive is the only VR setup I've tried immersive enough to trigger my incredible fear of heights during a demo at CES 2016.


The Virtuix Omni sends you marching off to VR war

The reason VR makes you queasy is that your brain thinks you're moving but you're not. The Virtuix Omni gets your feet moving so you can run and gun without thinking you're going to hurl.


Dip your hands into virtual reality

uSens tracks your hands so that you can interact with virtual and augmented reality worlds.


PCWorld's best PC games of 2015

From Witcher 3 to Kerbal Space Program, these are the PC games that rocked our socks in 2015.

pc gamer gifts msi 2

9 killer gifts for PC gamers

Give your gamer something more than a Hot Pocket and Mountain Dew this holiday season.

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