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The shut-off of Twitter's firehose is a hazard of the API economy

Twitter wants to sell access to its data directly via its own API set, but some see this as an innovation-destroying idea

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Facebook pushes Messenger as future of business communication

Facebook sees Business on Messenger replacing the telephone as people's go-to for communicating with enterprises

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Save FriendFeed! Why we need niche social networks

The Internet economy dictates that social networks win big or go away. But there should be a place for useful services like FriendFeed, which Facebook says it will kill soon

IBM Watson

IBM's Watson mines Twitter for sentiments

IBM's new Insights service harvests data from millions of tweets and uses Watson to analyze them for sentiment and behavior

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What happened to customer service? Try Twitter

Where websites fall prey to the process-heavy constraints of yore, social media breaks through with a direct line to customers who need information now

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Google tests business Hangouts in search results

Search feature lets users conduct live chats via Hangouts with businesses directly from search results

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Is LinkedIn killing the traditional resume?

A LinkedIn profile is more important than ever to job seekers and hiring managers, but it's a different tool than the traditional resume

How IBM analyzes Twitter for the enterprise developer

Developers can parse massive amounts of Twitter data through Watson Analytics or IBM's Bluemix platform services

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7 things you should never do on Twitter

Twitter can be both surprisingly useful and mind-numbingly wasteful, and there's a thin line between the two

Twitter reports huge increase in government data requests

In the second half of 2014, requests were up 40 percent for user information, and 84 percent for content removal

Oracle Service Cloud gets more social

Access to an online customer's browsing history gives a fuller view of their online experience

Facebook, Instagram temporarily down in many countries, hack denied

Users in various locations worldwide reported an outage in service in HipChat and Tinder as well

facebook at work

Facebook takes on the enterprise with new social network

Company to test Facebook at Work, an enterprise-level social and collaborative network for the workplace

chief social media officer

Should you hire a Chief Social Media Officer?

A strong social media presence is a necessary part of business' marketing, communications and customer relations strategy

Facebook acquires speech-recognition startup

Could a verbal 'Like' feature be on the way?

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Free geek gift! Download the 'Conversational Geek' e-book

With this easy-to-read overview of geekdom, anyone can get up to speed fast and become conversational in geek

Sony wants Twitter to suspend account of user who posted leaked documents

Confidential information from Sony was leaked after a hack in late November

Facebook cold on 'dislike' button, but mulling other ideas

An international rollout of graph search is in the works as well

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