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White House

White House to use social media to answer questions after tonight's Obama speech

Administration also joins Snapchat this week, offering behind-the-scenes look

David Bowie performs at the 1999 much music video awards in Toronto [credit: Reuters / Andy Clark]

David Bowie, tech visionary, predicted social media's rise

In 1999 the pop star was predicting the success of music downloads and ripping wearables

mark zuckerberg

Zuckerberg's New Year's resolution could change A.I.

Facebook's CEO has a resolution that is way cooler than yours

08 prediction

Top 15 security predictions for 2016

Cyber security experts and analysts weigh in on what the new year will bring in the world of evolving threats and solutions

social media success hp

4 reasons you just can't seem to quit Facebook

Cornell study shows why it's not so easy to walk away from the social network

hipster standing against concrete wall holding photo of self in front of face

How to boost your LinkedIn profile with keywords

IT managers, are you highlighting the right words and phrases to set yourself apart from the crowd and make your profile rise to the top of LinkedIn searches?

Privacy (4)

Legislation requiring tech industry to report terrorist activity may be revived

The provision was dropped previously after opposition from lawmakers and the tech industry

zuck and daughter

Zuckerberg to give away 99% of his fortune, or about $45 billion, to new charity

The Zuckerberg Chan Initiative will focus on personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people, and building strong communities

Reddit's logo

Reddit to honor 'Do Not Track' requests from visitors to its website

The company has also made changes to its privacy policy, which will take effect in January

facebook screnshot

With AI advances, Facebook tests M, your newest assistant

Facebook is pressing hard to advance artificial intelligence. M is designed to handle multi-step questions and tasks

tech graveyard 2015 1

2015 technology industry graveyard

Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and others bury outdated technologies to move ahead with new ones

twitter as a recruitment tool

Twitter CEO to developers: We messed up

At the Twitter Flight conference, Jack Dorsey attempts to set a clean slate with disgruntled developers

green paper glasses with fake black paper mustache

Fake LinkedIn profiles lure unsuspecting users

Hackers create fictional people on LinkedIn to engage in industrial espionage and social engineering attacks

facebook thumbs up sign

Facebook gives Android a kick in the byte code

Facebook turns its attention to the Redex project for optimizing Java bytecode to improve Android optimization

ibm watson on jeopardy

IBM Watson will know what you did last summer

A new API called Visual Insights can analyze your images and videos on social networks


SocialRank focuses on data mining followers instead of content pulls in all of your followers from Twitter and Instagram, giving you control to see who your followers really are, segment them and do things with them.

instagram logo

Instagram surges past Twitter to become 2nd biggest social network

Instagram and its owner Facebook now own the top of the social networking world

free screensharing apps

New social network aims to find news tech pros really care about

Exclusive social sharing site Quibb gives tech pros a space to connect with like-minded users to find, share, and comment on industry-specific content

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