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4 positive predictions for security in 2015

Sick of the constant drumbeat of data breaches and destructive exploits? There's no magic bullet, but these four measures may help in the coming year

6 lessons learned about the scariest security threats

These hard-earned lessons of a longtime IT security pro may save you from the fallout of advanced persistent threats

Edward Snowden has stripped us of all illusion about our digital world

There can no longer be an illusion that our information is private or used only for good purposes

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks

Phishers are upping their game, so end-users need to respond accordingly

Crooks 'stole' Experian data the old-fashioned way: They bought it

Credit bureau sold personal data from half a million users to fraudster posing as a P.I. who then resold data on the black market

Your Facebook friends may be evil bots

Computer scientists have unleashed hordes of humanlike social bots to infiltrate Facebook -- and they're awfully effective

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