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The Android One could gut the market for high-end Android phones

Should Google succeed in improving the quality of low-end Android phones, it could impact the high-end smartphone market

Nvidia sues Samsung and Qualcomm, wants Galaxy sales blocked

Nvidia says seven of its GPU patents were infringed, opening a new front in the patent wars

Samsung banks on super-resolution screens for Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge

Note Edge users can access features on the device's curved screen

Should Microsoft kill Windows Phone?

The company is backing away from Android and doubling down on its own smartphone OS just when the smart move seems to be to surrender

California passes law mandating smartphone kill switch

The law is likely to affect smartphones sold around the world

How to get your Android phone back in shape

A few simple steps to better performance and a smoother user experience.

Report: Android gaining on iOS in enterprise

The latest Mobility Index Report from Good Technology reveals trends in how businesses are adopting and deploying mobile devices and apps.

Samsung pins its hopes on Galaxy Alpha's metal frame

But the improvements over existing phones are too small, one analyst said

Nvidia claims 64-bit Denver chip will outperform Apple's A7

Nvidia shares details about its Denver chip for the first time at Hot Chips

Mobile chips face lockdown to prevent hacks

Chip makers are adding more security layers to protect mobile device users from malicious attacks and code injection

USPTO rejects claims of Apple patent in dispute with Samsung

The USPTO rejected some claims of the word 'auto-complete' patent that figured in a recent damages award, but the decision is not final

Android has good reason to fear Apple's resurgence

Suddenly, the punditocracy is saying Samsung's best days are behind, and Apple may dominate mobile again

Nadella leaves no doubt of who's in charge at Microsoft

Satya Nadella had his share of hits and misses in the first 6 months as the head of Microsoft, but he's made his presence felt from the start

Galaxy Note 4 won't turn around Samsung's ailing fortunes, analysts say

The company needs better high-end smartphones and a better portfolio of low-end devices

Apple, Samsung agree to settle patent disputes outside the U.S.

However the two rivals will continue to pursue their existing mobile patent lawsuits in the U.S.

Samsung, Apple still dominate smartphones, but their shares slip

Vendors mainly from China are offering low-cost, high-quality alternatives, IDC says

Mobile devices to get faster LP-DDR4 memory next year

LP-DDR4 memory will start appearing in tablets next year, two years earlier than expected

The Tizen smartphone flopped -- and open source is to blame

A parade of failed open source smartphone OSes should cause the open source community to rethink its mobile strategy

Is the Samsung Z smartphone just delayed -- or doomed?

Samsung says it's waiting to enhance the Tizen ecosystem

Apple's iPhone 6 could have biggest initial production

Apple is reportedly ordering 70 to 80 million units of two big-screen versions of its next iPhone smartphones

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