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iPhone 5c

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

iPhone sales plummet in the world's biggest smartphone market

iPhone sales in Greater China fell 26 percent -- Apple's first year-over-year revenue decline in more than a decade

Generic snap for court issues

US no longer requires Apple's help to crack iPhone in New York case

The government said 'an individual' had given it the passcode to the phone used by the accused in a drug investigation

microsoft campus building

Microsoft's weak phone sales drag down its Surface and cloud wins

Cloud growth is the brightest spot in the company's quarterly earnings report

lens kit

68% off Amir 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit - Deal Alert

The kit fits most cell phone models and includes fisheye, macro and super wide angle lenses. High quality and professional looking pictures from your cell phone's camera, for just $12.88 with this 68% off deal.

lg g5 beauty on table 3

LG G5 review: LG's appetite for risk is admirable, but doesn't pay off

With an improved battery swapping system, the LG G5 isn't a bad phone, per se. But various other features probably looked better in the R&D lab than they do in real life


True confessions: Why I stick with my BlackBerry

A relationship with BlackBerry requires commitment and reluctance to change. The end may be near, but I will stick with my BlackBerry Q10 till then


Can I survive with a 16GB iPhone?

Buying an iPhone with just 16GB of storage means you'll have to make some sacrifices that defeat the point of having a new iPhone in the first place.

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BlackBerry will attempt its last hurrah with a pair of mid-range smartphones

The company plans to launch two more Android phones this year before it decides whether to quit the device business

FBI Comey

FBI says hack tool only works on iPhone 5c

FBI Director James Comey said the government is still considering whether it should disclose to Apple the flaw that aided the hack


69% off Photive Wireless Secure Fit Earbuds - Deal Alert

Averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 1,100 reviewers, these Bluetooth sweatproof earbuds are designed to stay put and sound great through any sort of workout.

iPhone 5C

FBI will help US agencies with tools to unlock encrypted devices

The FBI did not commit on using the method tried on the San Bernardino iPhone


iOS 9.3: Best new features you need right now

iOS 9.3 is not your typical dot release. Night Shift, locked Notes, and new Live Photo features give your iPhone more capabilities than ever.

sad windows phone

Microsoft puts Windows Phone on hold

Remember, Comdex went on 'hiatus,' too


iPhone SE review: Its small size really does matter

It’s got a smaller screen and a smaller price tag to match, but the iPhone SE doesn’t compromise—it’s nearly as capable as Apple’s flagship iPhone 6s.

toy soldiers fight army war battle

Why are so many people using ad blockers?

Also in today's open source roundup: Is Apple's iPhone SE stealing users from Android? And Xiaomi's 4.3-inch Mi 5 Mini could be an iPhone SE killer

er smartphones primary

Blame the smartphone: Injuries pile up, from cat bites to shocks to broken bones

An examination of emergency room reports to Consumer Product Safety Commission tells a hurtful story of people and their smartphones

iphone 5c colours top half

FBI hack may raise questions about iPhone security

The FBI told a court it was able to access data on an iPhone 5c running iOS 9, but did not say whether it would pass the information on the hack to Apple

windows mobile

Microsoft can win without Windows Phone

Both on smartphones and tablets, Microsoft succeeds -- even if iOS and Android continue to win, too

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