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Google Pixel and Pixel XL


Google Pixel Camera Shootout

We take the Pixel XL into the lab and square it off against the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Best Android phones: What should you buy?

Picking an Android phone can be difficult, but we're here to help. These are the top Android phones you should consider bringing home.


Pixel is a Google smartphone, inside and out

The Pixel smartphone is the first phone created solely by Google.


Google Pixel XL Unboxing

An Android user, an iPhone user, and an all-around mobile curmudgeon unwrap and boot up Google's new superphone.

Apple iPhone 5S (3)

To unlock phones, feds demand all occupants surrender fingerprints

U.S. investigators are exercising a broad legal authority to force suspects to unlock their smartphones. In a recent case, they demanded that anyone found inside a California residence give up their fingerprints.

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Some reports of faulty Note 7s invalidated

Fewer incidents of burns and property damage, but there were 23 new cases of batteries overheating since Sept. 15 recall, consumer agency says

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Verizon Pixel phones will get Android updates at the same time as those sold by Google

Verizon also reaffirmed you'll be able to uninstall the three Verizon apps that will come preloaded on the Pixel sold in the company's stores

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Samsung hikes recall incentives to retain Note 7 customers

Note 7 owners who exchange their recalled phones for another Samsung model will get a $100 bill credit from select retailers and carriers

samsung galaxy note 7 fire battery explode

Note 7 doomsayers sell Samsung short

Everyone has an opinion on Samsung's next move after the Note 7's battery problems, but the path is not clear-cut


Google made an iPhone, so now what?

Google’s new Pixels phones look and cost the same as the iPhone. Now that Google is in Apple territory, what can the original iPhone-maker do to stand out?

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Samsung cuts revenue and profit forecast after Note 7 fiasco

The revenue and profit cuts come a day after the company scrapped the Note 7 smartphone

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Samsung discontinues Galaxy Note 7 after battery debacle

Problems worsened for Samsung after reports that even replacement Note 7 phones were catching fire

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Supreme Court will hear Samsung, Apple damages dispute

Large sections of the tech industry are backing Samsung in the suit, which will be heard today

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Samsung officially halts Note 7 sales as replacement units also catch fire

As was the case with original Note 7s, owners of replacement Note7s are encouraged to power down phones and request replacements or refunds


Mingis on Tech: Google rolls out the hardware

With the Google Pixel smartphone, Google Home and Google Wifi, it looks as though someone's trying to build a well-rounded tech ecosystem. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw explain.

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Here's everything new in Android Nougat 7.1

Android smartphones will eventually get most new features (if they get updated), but some are Pixel exclusives

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5 questions about taking Google's new phones to work

How will the new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones work with enterprise IT tools?

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First Look: Pixel, AI, Google Home, and more

Google just got into making its own consumer electronics in a big way

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