Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) news, analysis

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Microservice architecture is agile software architecture

Just as agile development solves an engineering bottleneck, microservices solve an architectural bottleneck

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How the cloud has modernized SOA

The new SOA is not the SOA you used a decade ago, and you probably don't even know you're using it today

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An API-powered shopping season

From dynamic pricing to unified shopper's experience, APIs are impacting the entire shopping experience

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Having fun with HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes go way beyond the 404 and 500 errors we have all encountered. Let's look at what they mean for a non-developer -- and figure out some of the geek humor that’s hidden in their midst

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Roadmapping: The key to getting your digital house in order

Here's what a best-practice roadmapping approach looks like, plus a structure to set your course


The real value of REST: Making the leap

REST is not an architectural style to undertake lightly. Understand the problem it solves, what gaps it covers, and decide if it's right for your architecture

Customer Experience

X marks the spot for digital transformation

Getting customer experience right is becoming a make-or-break for many businesses. And best-in-class digital transformation must be underpinned by enterprise, business, and IT roadmaps -- that is, by enterprise architecture

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5 steps to becoming an enterprise architecture ninja

Enterprise architects who have a clear view of where they fit in the EA pecking order and a roadmap for taking their practice to the next level are likely to prosper

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Containers change the game

The use of containers will change applications and their composition forever

Three keys to successful microservices

A successful migration to microservices requires componentization, collaboration, and reliable connections and controls

Oh my, how governance has changed in the cloud

The rise of cloud computing made everyone rethink governance from traditional SOA. Here’s what changed and why

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