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Linux Foundation's certification sets new benchmark for admins

Do open source projects need formal certification? Two notable open source foundations think they do

The quiet before the next IT revolution

Now that the technologies behind our servers and networks have stabilized, IT can look forward to a different kind of constant change

Hortonworks, BMC team up to support Hadoop automation

BMC's Control-M software automation system will help speed up Hadoop implementation and can also be integrated with Hadoop subcomponents

Cool tools from TechEd for your data center

If you think data centers get boring in a cloud world, these vendors will prove you wrong

3 big lessons to learn from Heartbleed

The devastating OpenSSL vulnerability proves the importance of data center orchestration, the wisdom of running older versions, and the need to give back to the OpenSSL project

The joy of data center automation -- and its hidden dangers

Automating manual or repetitive tasks is a source of great satisfaction for admins, but great disasters may await

Puppet Enterprise's 'Razor' slices through system provisioning

Version 3.2 of open source automation solution features simpler agent installation, support modules, and hardware provisioning

VMware releases vSphere Mobile Watchlist for Android and iOS smartphones

Free mobile app enables IT admins to monitor and remediate VMware vSphere environments remotely while on the go

The Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards

Black Duck, the open source software management company, picks the top 10 open source projects launched in the past year, based on stats collected from the Ohloh directory

Your data center is too cool

With modern gear capable of operating at warmer temps than in the past, a freezing data center is no longer necessary

Review: Puppet vs. Chef vs. Ansible vs. Salt

The leading configuration management and orchestration tools take different paths to server automation

Hot or not? Know your data center's environment

Monitoring environmental conditions in the data center is absolutely critical to avoiding disasters, or surviving them

Review: Office 365 administration made easy

Going beyond Office 365's native admin GUI, 365 Command provides powerful Exchange admin capabilities without the need to run PowerShell

Review: Salt keeps server automation simple

Salt brings simplicity, flexibility, and high scalability to Linux and Unix server infrastructure management -- it does Windows too

Complex clouds must be managed with automation

Native cloud interfaces don't scale in real-world business deployments -- so spring for a cloud management system

Review: Ansible orchestration is a veteran Unix admin's dream

Ansible and AnsibleWorks AWX bring simplicity and power to Linux and Unix server automation

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