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How to Speak Security

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO chats with security industry officials about how InfoSecurity leaders can interact with other parts of the business when it comes to data security issues.


How is the CISO role evolving?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO chats with security industry officials about how the CISO role has been changing, and whether the role reports to the CIO or Risk Management group.


Security Priorities and Challenges

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security officials what is "top of mind" in terms of priorities and challenges in the information security industry.


What traits do security employers look for?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security officials what traits and skills they look for in employees they want to hire.


What Security Terms are Overhyped?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security industry officials what terms or phrases they feel are overhyped or misused.

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ACLU urges court to block NSA's continued phone records collection

The intelligence agency continues to collect phone records under a 180-day transition period, which the ACLU is contesting

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Google, Mozilla, Microsoft browsers will dump RC4 encryption

The decision to remove RC4 from IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox is final nail in the coffin for the vulnerable cryptographic algorithm

Verizon to introduce SDN security feature later this month

The virtualized firewall service, part of Verizon's move into software-defined networking, will allow for more reliable and secure connections from third-party networks

The Web's 10 most dangerous neighborhoods

Ten top-level domains are to blame for at least 95 percent of the websites that pose a potential threat to visitors

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Tired of memorizing passwords? A Turing Award winner came up with this algorithmic trick

You'll need to practice ahead of time, but the rest is fairly simple to make your passwords not only easier to manage but also more secure


Bulletproof admin boxes beat the toughest hackers

The best way for hackers to pwn a company is to steal elevated credentials, but Skyport's SkySecure solution sells nearly impenetrable admin boxes

Global economic/technology prospects: China and the United States of America

U.S. readies sanctions against China for cyber spying

Experts question whether the penalties on Chinese companies for economic cyber espionage will have a significant effect


Linux Foundation publishes security checklist to help sysadmins combat attacks

The group has published a new list of recommendations that range from moderate to paranoid

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Review: How to protect top-secret data

In our tests, IQProtector’s file encryption tool successfully secured corporate documents from prying eyes.

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The disaster-recovery lessons we learned after Katrina

The hurricane and subsequent flooding knocked many businesses out of commission, but businesses can use their hard lessons to be better-prepared

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The new IT is all about the customer

Enterprises have turned outward, investing more and more in improving the customer experience -- giving those closer to customers power to make key technology decisions

Adobe Flash is closer to being wiped away

Google, Amazon push Flash closer to extinction

In the name of Internet security, Google and Amazon join the movement to stop Flash ads from displaying

A new version of the sophisticated Duqu malware is used for spying

Researchers find many more modules of Regin spying tool

Researchers from Symantec found 49 new modules for the sophisticated malware program many believe is used by the NSA

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