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Cisco acquires search company

Synata will bolster encrypted search in Cisco Spark collaboration app

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Yahoo to slash jobs and close Web properties in major turnaround plan

Yahoo will cut 15 percent of its workforce and explore spinning off its core Internet businesses as a separate company

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'Big bets' cost Google parent Alphabet $3.6 billion in losses last year

Google's parent company Alphabet racked up $3.6 billion in losses last year through investments in "big bets" such as self-driving cars and Internet balloons

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Google paid Apple $1B to be default iPhone search engine

Court transcript also revealed that Google has made a total of $31 billion in revenue on Android


Hands-on: Omnity's search tool

Omnity is a research tool for enterprises that allows for searches based on phrases and context rather than relying on simple keywords. The results -- in both visual and textual formats -- can allow academics and corporate users to...

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Yahoo spinoff brings an end to a pioneering era

By deciding to shed its Internet business, Yahoo is moving to take on a different business focus. But its future remains murky

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Yahoo changes direction, spins off everything except Alibaba

Despite speculation, CEO Marissa Mayer remains at Yahoo's helm

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Things get messy at Yahoo as reports of sales and a reorg swirl

Board meets to consider selling Internet business, letting Mayer go

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Searchcode brings regex to code search

The engine's developer wants to expand its language capabilities and double its index of repositories

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Bing gains search share after Windows 10 gives it a hand

Search query volume up 5 percent since Windows 10's launch, beats industry growth average

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Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

The new service makes it easier to implement the popular open-source search and analytics tool

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The FTC is wrong about antitrust fears over Android

Microsoft can't develop a successful mobile operating system, so it's making a crybaby case against Google

Video: What libraries and search engines have in common

Type a few words, get back a ton of results, ranked by relevance -- how, exactly, does that work?

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Microsoft fires back at Google with Bing contextual search on Android

'Snapshots on Tap' echoes a feature coming with the next version of Android


Search versus analytics: what is the difference?

Despite serving seemingly very different purposes, search engine and an analytics engine could gain to be unified for better use by knowledge workers


On the road to Windows 10: Edge now accepts Google as default search provider

According to Microsoft, Google made the changes needed to move to OpenSearch 1.1 support for Edge

Privacy group files FTC complaint to push Google to extend 'right to be forgotten' to U.S.

Consumer Watchdog says Google engages in unfair business practices by not offering U.S. residents the service

How the next Java update could make Yahoo your default search provider

Yahoo has cut a deal with Oracle to promote Yahoo alongside its Java technology

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