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The virtualized firewall service, part of Verizon's move into software-defined networking, will allow for more reliable and secure connections from third-party networks
daylight hp
Much like OpenStack, OpenDaylight's Lithium is more attractive to telcos...

Enterprises lukewarm to SDNs

Cultural, legacy, and business case issues create and SDN adoption gap with cloud providers

Nuage visualizes the SDN

New application manages physical, virtual operations

Interop 2015: SDN reality-check, apps aplenty

Interop kicks off this week and will include a broad range of technology...

9 key enterprise tech trends for 2015 and beyond

Slideshow: The Future of Programming
Enterprise tech is developing at breakneck speed. Here are the trends that...

SDN in action: Hands-on with Cumulus Linux

Data matrix networking connections system
Imagine being able to manage scores of network switches as easily as...
software launch business paper startup
ON.Lab is offering an open source replacement for the vendor-driven...

OpenDaylight debuts new Helium SDN software

big data network
The OpenDaylight Project, an industry consortium supported by the...
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