Software-defined networking (SDN) news, analysis

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Data matrix networking connections system

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AT&T, others launch OpenDaylight SDN alternative

ON.Lab is offering an open source replacement for the vendor-driven OpenDaylight

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OpenDaylight debuts new Helium SDN software

The OpenDaylight Project, an industry consortium supported by the Linux Foundation to foster an "open and transparent approach" to SDN (software-defined networking), has released version 2.0 of its open source SDN software. Dubbed...

Networking pioneer Bob Metcalfe hails Ethernet network-as-a-service effort

Ethernet inventor Metcalfe calls the work of Metro Ethernet Forum a 'new network paradigm'

Broadcom unveils 25G Ethernet, SDN optimized chip

Cloud-scale switches based on Broadcom Tomahawk should emerge soon from vendors

Weave project knits together networks for Docker containers

Weave promises networking to fit Docker applications, rather than forcing admins to configure networks to accommodate Docker

Rethinking the data center network

In stark contrast to traditional three-tier architecture, core and pod network design paves the way to flexibility and innovation

Top 5 things to watch for at VMWorld 2014

A year ago VMware laid out an ambitious plan, now it's time to hear the details

Build your own private cloud

Borrowing from public cloud architecture and technologies, the private cloud weaves a new management layer around virtualized data center systems

Q&A: Cisco describes its SDN vision

Soni Jiandani, senior vice president of Cisco's Insieme business unit, discusses the company's software-defined networking vision

One enterprise tech trend to rule them all

It's turning enterprise IT on its head. It promises vast cost savings, shorter time to market, and continuous technology improvement. And it can't be stopped -- at least not for long

Cisco buys its way into AT&T SDN

Acquisition of Tail-f will give Cisco entry into Domain 2.0 project and boost SDN/NFV cloud orchestration capabilities

Cisco will lead SDN and win IT, Chambers says

Cisco's sweeping architectures that stretch from data centers to the edges of networks will beat generic hardware, CEO says at Cisco Live

SDN secrets of Amazon and Google

The agility potential of SDN has generated excitement -- but also confusion. Juniper Networks' Chloe Ma unpacks the SDN benefits and techniques used by the world's largest clouds

Michael Dell: On SDNs and networking for the masses

The man who popularized consumer computing sees an opportunity in 'making technology more affordable, more acceptable to hundreds of millions of customers'

Cisco reveals OpenFlow SDN killer

Cisco proposes OpFlex as alternative standard for software-defined networking, adds the protocol to its ACI programmable networking architecture

Dell unveils fabric switch, SDN controller

The new networking gear is designed to scale, automate OpenStack clouds

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its Internet of things plans

The company's IOx edge-computing platform could mesh with its cloud plan to improve IoT performance

AT&T lays out 'radical' network changes with SDN

The carrier will remake its infrastructure as a 'user-defined network cloud' to deliver services faster and at lower cost

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