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A woman stacking gold coins.

5 common tech hiring mistakes to avoid

The consequences of getting hiring wrong can be substantial

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6 tips for negotiating your next raise

If one of your New Year's resolutions to negotiate a raise, here are some tips from industry professionals to help you get your fair share

Google's Mountain View, California headquarters

Department of Labor sues Google over wage data

Google has refused to comply with a request related to its federal contracts, the agency says, putting its ability to win government contracts at risk

workforce management and hiring trends 2017

7 hiring trends for 2017

Tech hiring is stable, but wages are becoming stagnant

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37 percent of IT pros plan to look for new jobs in 2017

IT pros are hoping to boost cybersecurity, networking, and virtualization skills in coming year

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LinkedIn aims to take the guesswork out of salary negotiations

New Salary tool gives users access to aggregate compensation data

US salaries

US IT and engineering salaries rise nearly 4 percent in 2015

It was the second-highest annual increase since 2010, according to an IEEE-USA survey

Missed target.

IT job creation headed lower for second straight year

Weak IT hiring over the last couple of months confirms that 2016 will see a significant slump. The big question remains why

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Satya Nadella's comp package slips 3% to $17.7 million

Microsoft board dings CEO for missing Windows 10 target

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STEM majors dominate salary-based college ranking

Petroleum engineering majors earn the highest salaries, followed by systems engineering majors, according to a new ranking from PayScale

US salaries

Median IT wage is $10K higher for men than women

One in 10 IT workers telecommute, and one in five have at least a master’s degree, Census Bureau data also shows

Legal law gavel hammer courts

Qualcomm agrees to pay $19.5M to settle charges of bias against women

The female employees said they got lower pay and the company's promotion system was biased against them

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13 top-paying cities for software engineers

Online jobs marketplace Glassdoor has crunched the numbers by looking at the ratio of each city's local median software engineer base salary to its official cost of living figures from the federal government

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3 tips for negotiating the salary you deserve

Successfully negotiating a starting salary or for a raise comes down to being able to prove three things: your accomplishments, your achievements and your value

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Tech CEOs rake in the big bucks

Among 61 tech companies, Oracle awarded the biggest CEO pay package last year -- twice

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Laid-off with a non-compete? Bill would guarantee salary

The pending $67 billion EMC and Dell merger spurs new effort to reform non-compete provisions in Massachusetts

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Computer science salaries rise with demand for new graduates

Competition for tech talent puts a high price on graduates with computer science degrees

United States currency and global business

The 25 best U.S. cities for jobs

Tech positions are among the in-demand jobs in most of the 25 cities

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