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Amazon upgrades Ruby SDK to help developers write less code

Version 2 of the SDK, which supports more than 40 services, is now stable and available for download

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Ruby pioneers come clean on the language's shortcomings

Ruby founder Yukihiro Matsumoto and Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson offer frank feedback on the language

9 programming languages

Functional programming piques Ruby founder, picks up Python compiler

Streem could end up being the basis for future Ruby upgrades, while Mochi brings key functional programming features to Python

ruby rails programming

Faster Ruby on Rails rolls into the station

Ruby on Rails 4.2 will feature debugging and performance upgrades, as work on version 5 of the Web development framework begins

Happy 10th anniversary, Ruby on Rails -- but watch your back

The Web framework remains popular, but competitors like Node.js have stolen some of its thunder

Ruby on Rails gets patches for SQL injection vulnerabilities

The two vulnerabilities affect Rails applications that use PostgreSQL as a database system

10 bad coding practices that wreck software development projects

Avoiding these common coding practices will make your work easier -- and your software more secure and scalable to boot

SAP going full steam ahead on HANA, the cloud, and 'simple' software

SAP makes many pledges to customers, but it has much work remaining to actually deliver on them

Best starter programming language? 8 top picks of developers

Programmers weigh in on why each of these popular first coding languages is the best one for beginners

Move over, Old Man Ruby -- your Java moment has arrived

Each generation of developers leaves its mark, has its treasured languages, and is convinced it's more brilliant than the last

Perl language's popularity hits all-time low

The Tiobe language index shows that Python and Ruby have gained in popularity at Perl's expense

You say Python, and I say Perl ...

Or rather, let's admit there's a right tool for every job, and the multilingual developer is painted into fewer corners

Fatal abstraction: A bottom-up view of high-level languages

Can a low-level guy with a data center mindset find happiness with modern programming languages? I'm trying

Y Combinator's new startup teaches disadvantaged kids to code

Y Combinator, nonprofit CodeNow bring face-to-face programming classes to kids who normally wouldn't get them

SAP courts developers with new license, tools, open-source contributions

SAP's HANA in-memory platform figures prominently in the new announcements, which include the long-awaited launch of River

Ruby on Rails security updates patch XSS, DoS vulnerabilities

The updates also strengthen the protection for a vulnerability patched in January

Rubinius seeks to modernize, not bury, the Ruby language

Despite his criticism, Rubinius X backer Brian Shirai still loves Ruby and wants to make it more open to networked computing

Ruby scripting language makes embedded play

Main Ruby version, however, is viewed by founder Yukihiro Matsumoto as needing only minor improvements

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source application development tools

InfoWorld's top picks among all of the languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools that programmers use

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