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Enterprise Architecture awards

The 2016 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This years' winning EA initiatives, brought to you by Forrester Research and InfoWorld, meet the challenges of accelerated change

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When it comes to security, it's the data, stupid

You can't prioritize risk effectively without accurate data about successful exploits in your environment. Start compiling that data now

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Get real! Prioritize your security risks rationally

The past year brought more frightening exploits than any in recent memory. The only effective way to protect yourself is to accurately prioritize your risks

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Drowning in security data? Here’s how to make threat intel work for you

With all of the talk about big data, how does a company operationalize its threat intelligence process?

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Less downtime, faster recovery: the new mantra for automated systems

As Glitch Wednesday showed, automated systems can wreak havoc when they fail. Here are tips on minimizing the impact

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Behind every major breach, many 'manageable' risks

Don't sweat the small things, the saying goes. But over time, small risks add up, until you end up with a tower ready to topple

IBM, Deloitte bring big data to risk management

The work is part of an ongoing partnership

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3 ways security risk assessment goes wrong

Even pro computer security defenders have trouble separating real threats from unlikely ones. Here are three crucial -- and common -- mistakes to avoid

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Outsourcing a software project? Pay time and materials

When outsourcing a software project, companies will often negotiate a fixed-bid contract with the intent of minimizing risk. This may not be the right approach if you want the best software product possible.

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