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US Capitol

In rare unanimous move, House passes bill to protect email and cloud privacy

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a bill to strengthen privacy protections for email and other data stored in the cloud.

IoT data flood

Feds seek public input on the future of IoT

Coming soon: Potentially the largest knowledge dump ever about automation and the Internet of things

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Google and Microsoft agree to end regulatory battles

Microsoft had been a leading voice calling for antitrust investigations of Google

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Key battle looms in the war to protect privacy

User privacy is under attack from hackers, data miners, and the government, but the EFF and tech groups are fighting back

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Europe charges Google over Android licensing conditions

The European Commission has alleged demands by Google on phone makers regarding its Android operating system are anti-competitive.

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Microsoft cites new EU personal data rules in support of email dispute

Microsoft has refused to provide to the U.S. government emails stored on servers in Ireland


More than 45,000 sign petition against U.S. encryption-breaking bill

Senators shouldn't try to 'make encryption illegal,' the petition says

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House bill would require warrants for data stored in the cloud

Email Privacy Act would give email and cloud-stored data new privacy protections from law enforcement searches

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Privacy regulators: Commission 'could do better' on Privacy Shield

European Union data protection authorities say Privacy Shield data transfer arrangement is better than Safe Harbor -- but still not good enough

Screen shot Fight for the Future DMCA takedown abuse campaign

Critics of DMCA takedowns flood Copyright Office with thousands of comments

Advocates want penalties for companies that file unwarranted takedown requests

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ISPs are breaking Net neutrality rules, advocacy groups say

So-called zero-rating plans allow ISPs to pick 'winners and losers' in violation of rules, and 'present a serious threat' to the open Internet

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Apple demands delay in NY iPhone case

Company wants to test the alt approach used by FBI in San Bernardino terrorist iPhone case

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Displaced IT workers, H-1B abuse gain rising political attention

Politicians like Donald Trump and Sen. Richard Blumenthal place IT professionals who lost their jobs to H-1B workers at center stage

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FCC privacy rules can't stop ‘gold rush’ in personal data

The flourishing 'surveillance capitalism' that profits from selling consumers' personal data will be little affected by the new rules


Obama on encryption: There must be a compromise

Speaking at SXSW in Austin, Texas, President Obama argues that the tech community can't afford an isolationist position and must help debate the merits of unbreakable encryption.

Rubio-Trump at debate

Disney's IT layoffs fuel Trump, Rubio H-1B attacks at debate

Republicans, unlike the Democrats, are talking about the controversial visa program

visa passports travel h-1b

India challenges 65,000 H-1B cap in the US

Indian government files complaint with World Trade Organization alleging the US is breaking trade rules


Privacy groups want rules for how ISPs can track their customers

ISPs and privacy groups wrestle over proposed regulations at the FCC

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