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andrus ansip EC EU Safe Harbor

US, EU reach agreement on Safe Harbor alternative

The agreement on the new Privacy Shield framework will make it easier for companies to transfer data between Europe and the U.S.

Court of Justice of the European Union

No agreement as deadline to replace Safe Harbor nears

EU and U.S. negotiators are struggling to reach agreement on a new transatlantic data-transfer agreement ahead of a Jan. 31 deadline set by privacy watchdogs

flags in protest

Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

In the office and in Congress, IT workers are fighting back -- often in silence


Judge gives breathing room to 34,000 foreign workers

The Optional Practical Training program, criticized as a back-door H-1B visa, gets 90-day reprieve to get its act together

US Capitol

Major tech companies spent millions more on lobbying in 2015

Spending on lobbying increased, with Google ranked number one again among all tech companies

tim cook cybersecurity

Apple CEO defends privacy, encryption amidst terrorist concerns

Smartphone users should have both privacy and security, Tim Cook says in interview

easedropping backdoor listening

Acts of terrorism could push Congress toward encryption backdoors in 2016

Enterprises and vendors would face painful overhauls to their gear, networks

Congress doubles H-1B fee to $4,000

Visa fee must be paid with the initial application and on any extension. The extra money will help pay for biometric tracking system

visa work passport h-1b

A $2,000 H-1B fee on Indian firms may return

Lawmakers may restore a special visa fee that funded the 9/11 healthcare act

ted cruz outsourcing

Sen. Ted Cruz wants minimum H-1B wage of $110,000

Cruz's H-1B reform bill proposes raising wages and ending the OPT program, which provides a means to work via a student visa

Big Brother watching

Final cyber security bill paves way for the surveillance state

Closed-door negotiations in Congress threaten to strip out privacy provisions from final version of the merged cyber security bill

visa work passport h-1b

In Disney’s backyard, Sen. Nelson proposes big H-1B reduction

Florida Democrat's bill would reduce the H-1B visa cap by nearly 25% and allocate visas to employers paying the highest wages

Privacy (4)

Legislation requiring tech industry to report terrorist activity may be revived

The provision was dropped previously after opposition from lawmakers and the tech industry

Campout at the FCC

Net neutrality could be on the line in Washington court battle

Oral arguments begin in 10 lawsuits that challenge the FCC's new Net neutrality rules

NSA headquarters

New legislation aims at stalling NSA reform

The Liberty Through Strength II bill would let the NSA hold on to bulk phone data already collected

sharon sandeen defend trade secrets act

Why legal experts are up in arms over the trade-secrets bill Microsoft loves

The Defend Trade Secrets Act, which is being compared to the controversial SOPA bill, could strike a blow against free speech and algorithmic transparency, they warn


A shortsighted call for softening encryption

The Paris attacks have given the government an excuse to renew efforts to gain access to encrypted private communications. It's a bad idea

business outsource contract worker h1 b visa globalization

Two dozen Disney IT workers prepare to sue over foreign replacements

This federal filing is a first step to filing a lawsuit alleging discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

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