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Skylake who? Intel focuses on smart devices and natural computing at IDF keynote

At its Intel Developer Forum Intel emphasized the Internet of things, which it is building its future around

Oracle preps 'Sonoma' chip for low-priced Sparc servers

The new chip could become a rival for Intel's Xeon and make Oracle's servers more competitive with those from HP and IBM

Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

The mobile technology company reported declines in revenue and profit

Intel pushes 10nm chip-making process to 2017, slowing Moore's Law

To make up for the delay, Intel has added a new chip design to its roadmap

IBM leapfrogs over competitors with first 7nm chip

Test chip is produced, but commercial production of the world's first 7nm chip may be several years away

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The truth about Intel's Broadwell vs. Haswell CPU

We test identical notebooks with Intel's 4th-gen and 5th-gen CPUs to see how different they really are

Five new things we know about Skylake

Intel's Skylake chips will be released after Windows 10, and tablets, laptops and desktops will follow in quick succession

Faster Wi-Fi coming soon to a device near you

Peak wireless data transfer speeds of the QCA9994 and QCA9984 Wi-Fi chips will reach 1.7Gbps

Windows takes early lead over Android in Cherry Trail tablet battle

Acer said it will launch a tablet with Cherry Trail later this year

Computer chips made of wood promise greener electronics

U.S. and Chinese researchers are developing high-performance chips that can biodegrade

Intel to unwrap 'next-generation' Thunderbolt in two weeks

Intel could put to rest doubts about Thunderbolt's future after Apple did not include the technology in the 12-inch MacBook


Intel's Gordon Moore amazed at legacy of Moore's Law

Gordon Moore talks about his famous observation that paved the way for faster, smaller and cheaper computing devices.

IBM switches on the light for high-speed data transfers

IBM's new silicon photonics chip will be used in data centers, and competes against a similar Intel technology

Gordon Moore Intel

Gordon Moore is still amazed at how Moore's Law shaped the tech industry

'We've just seen the beginning of what computers are going to do for us,' Moore says

AMD developing megachip that combines CPUs and GPUs

AMD's as yet unnamed high-performance chip will be designed for high-end graphics, supercomputing, and data modeling

AMD's Zen chips to square off against Intel's Skylake next year

AMD shares details of high-performance FX and mobile A-series chips due in 2016

Intel's 18-core Xeon chips tuned for machine learning, analytics

The new Xeon E7 v3server chips are based on the Haswell microarchitecture

How Intel could prolong Moore's Law with new materials, transistors

Intel could start using exotic materials and a new transistor structure in upcoming chips to keep Moore's Law going

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