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Intel smartphone reference design

IBM qubit processor

IBM's quantum processor comes out of hiding

The company will open up a 5-qubit quantum processor to everyone through the cloud

Intel Atom

Intel's Atom architecture to live on despite smartphone chip cancellations

The next-generation Atom architecture code-named Goldmont will be in upcoming Pentium and Celeron chips code-named Apollo Lake

fake surface phone 1

Death of Intel's Atom casts shadow over rumored Surface Phone

Microsoft still reportedly remains committed to Windows 10 Mobile running on ARM chips. But is that enough?

AMD's Kaveri A-series chip

A new AMD licensing deal could create more x86 rivals for Intel

AMD is licensing its server chip technology to a Chinese joint venture and may later license its PC chip designs

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Here's what the new Intel will look like

The chip maker is scaling back its PC efforts and going deep on 3D memory, FPGAs, and silicon photonics

Intel logo

Intel axes 12,000 jobs as it looks to break away from PCs

The company looks to diversify from PCs into the growth areas of IoT and servers

Force touch on a MacBook

Apple refreshes MacBook with Skylake processor

The new MacBook boasts a 25 percent improvement in graphics performance and a longer time between charges, Apple claims

rmit quantum

Quantum computing, here we come: A qubit data bus may soon be possible

A research breakthrough could put much faster computing within reach

Intel chip

Next-gen Intel Pentium and Celeron chips are coming soon

The new chips, code-named Apollo Bay, are based on the Goldmont architecture

Intel chip

Intel starts baking speedy FPGAs into chips

If Nvidia and AMD have graphics processors, Intel is now deploying screaming co-processors of its own answer in the form of FPGAs

nvidia tesla p100 gpu topangleleft4

Servers with Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU will ship next year

The new GPU -- Nvidia's fastest yet -- will provide a serious performance boost to servers and supercomputers

ung 7171

Nvidia unifies a big list of developer tools in one package

Nvidia's SDK unified toolkit brings together its game development, supercomputing, virtual reality, automotive, drone, and robot development tools

Silhouette of an angry mob holding pitchforks, guns, axes

Intel draws fire for not writing Win10 drivers for older Sandy Bridge PCs

Users who bought top-of-the-line Intel-based PCs a few years ago probably won't have Miracast support in Windows 10; video may not work right either

hp envy x360 15.6 entertainment mode front right facing

AMD's new 7th Generation laptop chips will take on Intel's Skylake

The first 7th Generation chips will be available in HP's Envy X360 15.6-inch laptop

samsung 10nm class dram group 002

Laptops, tablets could pack more DDR4 memory with Samsung breakthrough

Samsung is bringing faster, more power-efficient DDR4 memory to PCs, hybrids, and servers


Intel's top PC, IoT executives leave in management shakeup

Kirk Skaugen, who ran the Intel's PC group, and Doug Davis, the leader of the IoT group, are leaving the company

gmc 16 01 broadwellphotography waferandprocessor 1 rgb white sm

Intel's 22-core Broadwell chips will speed up cloud services

Intel is targeting cloud service providers with new line of Xeon E5-2600 v4 chips

intel skylake core i7 6700k

Microsoft relents, extending support for Skylake PCs with older Windows versions

An attempt to force new PCs to run Windows 10 after July 2017 created a customer backlash instead

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