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At the mercy of AI: Your job, your health, your money

The focus on loss of privacy from Watson, Cortana, Google, Facebook, DeepMind, and Siri risks us missing an even greater threat

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Microsoft’s Nadella takes on privacy fears about LinkedIn, Cortana

One Gartner analyst called Cortana 'Big Brother' combined with productivity, and asked some pointed questions about Microsoft's intentions

Legal law gavel hammer courts

Lawmakers question DOJ's appeal of Microsoft Irish data case

The question of search warrants for foreign data is better addressed in Congress, the bipartisan group says

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To unlock phones, feds demand all occupants surrender fingerprints

U.S. investigators are exercising a broad legal authority to force suspects to unlock their smartphones. In a recent case, they demanded that anyone found inside a California residence give up their fingerprints.

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US lawmakers want answers on Yahoo email surveillance

Bipartisan group of 48 lawmakers asks for a briefing on the program from the DOJ and ODNI

Digital Key, security, encryption

Encrypted communications could have an undetectable backdoor

Security researchers warn about the use of standardized or hard-coded primes in existing cryptosystems

yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail suspends automatic mail forwarding as privacy controversies swirl

After two major controversies Yahoo turns off automatic email forwarding


Verizon may want a $1 billion discount on Yahoo

Negative press about Yahoo may be taking a toll on its value

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FCC to vote on strict privacy rules for ISPs in late October

The regulations would require ISPs to get customer permission to use and share browsing histories and other personal information

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Yahoo's email snooping: It's all legal

Yahoo is only the latest tech company to be caught up in a system of secret surveillance and government gag orders


Yahoo calls report of secret email scanning 'misleading'

Other US tech firms said they have never received such a government request


US tech giants say they didn't do Yahoo-style email spying

Yahoo's secret program may have been spying on hundreds of millions of users' accounts at the request of the US government

Firefox, Mozilla

Firefox blocks websites with vulnerable encryption keys

Users will receive an error when trying to access web servers that use weak Diffie-Hellman key exchange with weak keys


Here's what you should know, and do, about the Yahoo breach

Yahoo's announcement that state-sponsored hackers have stolen the details of at least 500 million accounts shocks both through scale -- it's the largest data breach ever -- and the potential security implications for users.

Raj Reddy Heidelberg Laureate Forum Turing

5 tech trends that have Turing Award winners worried

'Technology by itself is not evil, but people can use it for bad things,' one award winner said

yahoo mail

Yahoo reportedly to confirm massive data breach

Some users have already been asked to change passwords, after a data breach that affects hundreds of millions of accounts

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Google, Apple, Twitter, and others back Microsoft over gag orders

Civil rights groups and tech companies have filed briefs to back Microsoft's fight over the use of gag orders accompanying data requests by government

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Proposed 'social media ID, please' law draws outrage

President Obama's proposal for foreign travelers is so bad, say critics, it must have been hatched by Donald Trump

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