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Review: 6 machine learning clouds

Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, and IBM machine learning toolkits run the gamut in breadth, depth, and ease

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Review: HPE’s machine learning cloud overpromises, underdelivers

Haven OnDemand’s enterprise search and format conversions are the strongest services, while more interesting capabilities are not fully cooked

Get started with Apache Spark

Reap the performance and developer productivity advantages of Spark for batch processing, streaming analysis, machine learning, and structured queries

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Review: IBM Watson strikes again

Built on Watson and SPSS predictive analytics, IBM's cloud machine learning services address the needs of developers, data scientists, and businesses

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Microsoft's machine learning vision includes security, too

Satya Nadella has an ambitious plan for Microsoft's AI-rich future, and it's clear security will play a part

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Satya Nadella bets the future on AI

In a rousing keynote, Microsoft's CEO introduces the Microsoft Bot Framework and several new Cognitive Services

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Review: Databricks makes big data dreams come true

Cloud-based Spark machine learning and analytics platform is an excellent, full-featured product for data scientists

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Big data is doomed unless basic data management improves

Big data projects will never meet expectations if the underlying data is inaccurate or missing. It’s time to fix the 'dysfunctional cycle of data chaos,' says a TechVision Research report

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Review: Amazon puts machine learning in reach

Amazon Machine Learning gives data science newbies easy-to-use solutions for the most common problems

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Artificial intelligence gets into auditing, what's next?

As AI spreads to new businesses, good software development will be crucial for achieving success

Machine Learning Algorithms

Review: Azure Machine Learning is for pros only

Microsoft’s machine learning cloud has the right stuff for data science experts, but not for noobs

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How IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon do machine learning in the cloud

The big four cloud giants all offer machine learning as a service, but the ways they do it are as different as the companies themselves

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IBM Bluemix adds graph analytics, DB management

Four new data-centric services, hosted on IBM's Bluemix PaaS, expand on IBM's ambitions to build machine learning services for business

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Snow in your forecast? Here's how GIS will help ease the pain

Predictive analytics are helping governments and businesses prepare for brutal winter storms

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16 for '16: What you must know about Hadoop and Spark right now

Amazingly, Hadoop has been redefined in the space of a year. Let's take a look at all the salient parts of this roiling ecosystem and what they mean

Machine learning: A practical introduction

How new tools and techniques are extracting business insights from massive data sets

Joseph Sirosh

Why Microsoft’s data chief thinks current machine learning tools are like tailored shirts

A marketplace for intelligent APIs will bring 'mass production' to machine learning and data science

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Microsoft rolls out open source toolkit for machine learning

The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms

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