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HP extends R programming language for big data use

Distributed R can be used to analyze data across multiple file servers

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MongoDB gets its first native analytics tool

SlamData adds its own extensions to the SQL language, enabling analysts to query MongoDB directly, without conversion to an RDBMS or Hadoop database

Workday plots wave of predictive analytic apps

Series of specialized apps aims to help HR and financial management retain top workers and make more accurate forecasts

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Salesforce's Wave seeks to sweep aside the analytics competition

Wave is a long overdue addition to the Salesforce arsenal, designed to make analytics easy and to forestall growing competition

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Zoomdata's 'micro-query' tech speeds up analytics

The micro-query engine breaks requests into tiny queries so that it can start delivering results in under a second

Big data: There's signal in that noise

When the data you capture and crunch is large and disorderly, interesting bits may come along for the ride. Don't squeeze the life out of it -- explore it

When to use Hadoop (and when not to)

Hadoop is a huge advancement in big data technology, but there are better choices for real-time analytics

5 ways to add machine learning to Java, JavaScript, and more

Here are the best libraries for four languages, plus Java on Hadoop, to help you turn machine learning into a business tool

Can a machine detect sarcasm? Yeah, right

Applying analytics to social media? Good luck -- not all words can be taken at face value. Natural language processing helps, but it's no panacea

IBM plus Apple: It's all about the apps

What will IBM on iOS look like? Phil Buckellew, vice president of IBM Enterprise Mobile, explains how IBM will deliver a new experience in enterprise applications

Getting your hands on data with mobile analytics

Mobile touchscreen interfaces, when designed correctly, provide a more intimate relationship with business data. Donald Farmer of Qlik offers his take on three key UI design principles

Google service analyzes live streaming data

Google Cloud Dataflow can analyze both streaming and batched data with the same programming models

Native data analysis comes to MongoDB

Latest version of Pentaho's business analytics and data integration platform makes it easier to apply analytics to big data stores

Hadoop analysis now tackling IoT to improve transit

Urban Insights crunches data from different Internet of things sources for insights into transit agencies' operations

Cloud-based analytics offer insight to all

Conventional analytics deliver value to an elite few. Tidemark CEO Christian Gheorghe explains how his cloud-based analytics platform offers insight to the whole organization

Microsoft Azure piles onto the machine-learning bandwagon

The Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service makes it easier to create predictive analytics solutions, connect them to other Azure products, and publish them as APIs

Predictive data, the real workhorse behind the Internet of things

Companies are having to be pickier about which data sets they collect, process and use. It's all about having the right architecture in place

Jaspersoft aims to simplify embedding analytics, visualizations in apps

Company releases Visualize.js framework to let developers easily embed features from Jaspersoft analytic server directly into applications

Apache Spark is Hadoop's speedy Swiss Army knife

Fast-running data analysis system provides real-time data processing functions Hadoop has been pushed to incorporate

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