Power Management

Power Management news, information, and how-to advice

Google will build another six solar power plants in the U.S.

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all looking to tap solar, wind, and hydroelectric power sources

Oracle eyes optical links as final frontier of data-center scaling

The company is exploring silicon photonics to speed up connections and boost power efficiency

Intel partners with startup on tools for app-level energy management

TSO Logic's software lets companies track how much power their individual server applications consume

Data center power maxed out? Three-phase power to the rescue!

As load densities grow, three-phase power is becoming more and more prevalent in data centers of all shapes and sizes

Colt aims to make power, cooling management in data centers more flexible

The Ftec data-center architecture is designed to allow power densities to be increased and decreased on the fly

What to look for onsite when choosing a colo facility

Hurricane Sandy provides an excellent reminder that no matter how good a colo's facilities look on paper, careful attention to detail is critical to picking a good one

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