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Why developers love and hate PHP

The language has a substantial stake in Web development, but it is marred by design flaws

Facebook's alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

HHVM is being used by the Box storage service and by one of the largest hosts for enterprise-ready WordPress

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PHP 7 moves full speed ahead

Next major version of server-side Web development language planned for release in the next year

PHP 5.6 features built-in debugger, better namespace support

PHP 7 will follow in a year or so to significantly improve performance for PHP apps

4 ways PHP coding is getting less painful

Users kick up performance, package management, and community relations for the popular yet widely reviled language

Best starter programming language? 8 top picks of developers

Programmers weigh in on why each of these popular first coding languages is the best one for beginners

12 things we hate about PHP

Inconsistent naming conventions, incompatible versions, weirdness at almost every level – here's the hell we deal with between angle-bracket question marks

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source application development tools

InfoWorld's top picks among all of the languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools that programmers use

10 cloud IDEs let you ditch the desktop

These cool Web-based development tools bring coding to the browser

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