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Dangerous IE vulnerability opens door to powerful phishing attacks

The flaw can be used to steal authentication cookies and inject rogue code into websites

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4 positive predictions for security in 2015

Sick of the constant drumbeat of data breaches and destructive exploits? There's no magic bullet, but these four measures may help in the coming year

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The beginning of the end of the private mail server

Thanks to overzealous filtering by mail relays, the small mail server is becoming an endangered species

Cyber espionage group launches sophisticated phishing attacks against Outlook Web App users

Pawn Storm attacks target military agencies, embassies, defense contractors, and media organizations, Trend Micro says


The human OS: Overdue for a social engineering patch

There is no way to plant a chip in employees to make them invulnerable to social engineering attacks, but training can make them much more difficult to 'hack'

Celebrities get phished, but the cloud gets blamed

No system is perfectly secure, but the fact is the cloud is more secure than on-premises systems

State-of-the-art spear phishing and defenses

Likelihood and severity of phishing attacks support paying upfront for that ounce of prevention

Google Chrome's experiment with killing URLs appears to be on hold

For several months, Google toyed with the idea of hiding full Web addresses from users in Chrome

U.S. charges Chinese Army members with cyber espionage

Five members of the Chinese Army have been indicted for allegedly hacking U.S. firms and stealing trade secrets

Anti-phishing feature fails in beta Chrome browser

Google's 'Origin Chip' feature doesn't display long URLs, undermining its anti-phishing intentions, security company says

Phishing scams increasingly using mobile apps to bait victims

Phishers typically use spam email to try and lure victims, but Kaspersky report says the new trend is exploiting users' love of gadgets

Web apps and point-of-sale were leading hacker targets in 2013

Verizon's annual data breach report says finance was the leakiest industry, followed by the public sector and retail

Google patches Android icon permissions attack

FireEye found malware that could change other icons, sending victims to phishing sites

Phishing campaign targets Google Docs, Drive users

A fake log-in page looks legitimate since it is served up by Google over SSL, Symantec said

IRS warns of 'Dirty Dozen' tax scams for 2014

Identity theft, phone scams, and phishing lead the dirty list of tax scams

Microsoft targeted in phishing attack, likely by Syrian Electronic Army -- again

With all the talk of safe computing, Microsoft's having a hard time getting its own employees to batten down the hatches

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks

Phishers are upping their game, so end-users need to respond accordingly

Malware: War without end

After decades of fighting off viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware and cyber attacks, total victory remains beyond reach

Despite feds' efforts, fake Windows tech support calls continue to plague PC owners

A year after an FTC crackdown, scammers persist in trying to dupe PC owners into providing credit card information and buying malware

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