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Perl language's popularity hits all-time low

The Tiobe language index shows that Python and Ruby have gained in popularity at Perl's expense

You say Python, and I say Perl ...

Or rather, let's admit there's a right tool for every job, and the multilingual developer is painted into fewer corners

Fatal abstraction: A bottom-up view of high-level languages

Can a low-level guy with a data center mindset find happiness with modern programming languages? I'm trying

CodeMirror: Edit code in your browser

JavaScript-based code editor supports JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby -- you name it

Making the case for Perl

While developers and development keep changing, the reasons for using Perl stay the same

Perl isn't going anywhere -- for better or worse

Tons of tools and projects still make use of Perl, but PHP, Python, and Ruby have stolen its programming thunder

Developer divide: 19 generations of computer programmers

From punch cards to JavaScript, computing history owes everything to those who've programmed the machines

The Perl programming language turns 25

Hard to believe, but the 'Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages' and high-class glue holding the Internet together is 25 years young today

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