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Jury clears Apple of infringing patents formerly held by Nokia

The patents covered wireless communication from mobile devices

Ericsson seeks to block sales of Apple products in US, stepping up patent dispute

In a barrage of nine lawsuits, Ericsson alleges Apple's iPhone and iPad infringe a total of 41 of its patents

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Patent trolls are on the run, but not vanquished yet

Strong legislation that will weaken the ability of the trolls to shake down innovators is likely to pass Congress, but more should be done

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Patent reform: Ending the 'trick-or-troll' nightmare

Congress should pass the Innovation Act and ensure that patent litigation abuse is no longer able to sap the resources of law-abiding companies that produce jobs and drive our economy

US backs IEEE move to modify rules for standards patents

The IEEE proposal aims to prevent high royalty rates and threats of product bans

Temporary sales ban hits SanDisk's SSD server business

The ban could also have consequences for server vendors IBM, Huawei, Lenovo, and Supermicro


Google surges into top 10 in patent race; IBM retains huge lead

IBM ranks first in the U.S. patent race, as it has for 22 years, while Google climbs to No. 8 and Apple lands at No. 11

Patent battles risk disrupting Xiaomi's international expansion

A patent dispute has forced Xiaomi to stop its smartphone sales in India

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When iPhones fly? Don't put it past Apple

You can have your bigger screens and better battery life -- Apple is too busy taking future iPhones to the skies

Oracle, SAP settle long-standing TomorrowNow lawsuit

SAP will pay Oracle about $359 million in damages and interest to settle the case

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How the Republican Senate will impact tech

Expect to see a much higher cap on H-1B visas, no progress on Net Neutrality, and a decent chance at patent reform.

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Microsoft 'loves' Linux? Then stop attacking open source

Like an abusive partner, Microsoft says it 'loves' Linux -- when what it means is that it desperately needs Linux

Tech industry likes Obama nominee for patent office

Tech groups praise the nomination of former Googler Michelle Lee to fill a post empty for a year and a half

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Patent trolls have one fewer legal loophole to hide behind

With one subtle stroke, the Judicial Conference of the United States retires an old rule -- and denies patent trolls a major weapon

Google asks Supreme Court to decide Android copyright case

If Supreme Court weighs in on the extent to which APIs can be protected by copyright, it could have a big impact on developers' ability to innovate in software

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As patent trolls fade, a group formed to combat them thrives

The Open Invention Network grows dramatically despite a Supreme Court decision that dealt patent trolls a mortal blow

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Alice is killing the trolls -- but expect patent lawyers to strike back

The wheels of justice spin slowly, but they seem finally to be running software patents out of town

Court throws out $368.2 million patent award against Apple

A lower court made mistakes in defining the value of the patented technology asserted by VirnetX, an appeals court says

Apple's slide-to-unlock patent not willfully infringed by Samsung, judge rules

Samsung had good reason to think the patent invalid, Judge Lucy Koh said

Apple denied retrial of Samsung patent case in California

The court also denied most of Apple's other motions

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