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band-aid patch bandage

Microsoft surreptitiously reissues botched patch KB 3097877 for Windows 7

The new, fixed patch has the same KB number as the old, bad patch that crashed Outlook and busted network logon

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Google to pull Chrome's patch plug for 1 in 7 Windows and Mac users

Sets April 2016 support deadline for old Windows, OS X users; plan could cost Chrome user share as people look for alternate browser

victim identity theft computer problem

VBulletin resets passwords, issues emergency patches following breach

Evidence suggests that hackers had access to at least one zero-day exploit

bubble man data shield attack binary code

A better blocker is available to shield you from coerced 'Get Windows 10' updates

The updated GWX Control Panel can help if your Win7 or 8.1 PC insists on upgrading you to Windows 10

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Xen fixes highly critical virtual machine flaw

It's possibly the worst flaw ever found in the Xen hypervisor, researchers say

windows broken break

Patch KB 3105208 for Windows 10 beta build 10565 triggers BSODs

With Windows 10's forced update policy there's no obvious way to protect your system

OS X El Capitan installation

Apple updates OS X El Capitan to 10.11.1 with fix for Office 2016 crashes

Preliminary reports say the update solves the problems that have been driving Office 2016 for Mac users nuts

first-aid patch medicine cure

Oracle fixes critical flaws in Database Server, MySQL, Java

The bad news: Java and Oracle's database products had lots of vulnerabilities. The good news: None are currently under attack

Security online

Oracle slams door on Russian cyber spies who hacked NATO PCs through Java

The vulnerability is just one of 154 fixed by Oracle across a wide range of products

windows upgrade

Why you should worry about Windows 10 cumulative updates

As long as it works, Microsoft's cumulative patching sounds fine -- but a single screw-up could have ongoing repercussions


Flash Player emergency patch fixes one flaw already being exploited, and two others

One of the vulnerabilities is already being used in cyber espionage attacks against government targets

blocked shot volleyball

Check that your Windows 10 upgrade block settings are still in force

Yesterday's update changed an important registry setting to allow Microsoft to start the Win10 upgrade process again

office 2016 crash

Office 2016 for Mac update doesn't include fix for crashes under OS X El Capitan

Microsoft tells users to wait for Apple to update OS X 10.11

patch windows

Windows 'snooping' and nagging patches return, including KB 3035583, KB 2952664

Nagware KB 3035583 is marked 'Important' on some PCs and will thus install on Automatic Update

Stealthy Microsoft Surface Pro 3 firmware update brings BSODs, mayhem

Microsoft has issued 19 separate firmware updates for the Surface Pro 3 in the past 15 months

Missed target arrows bullseye

Windows 10 cumulative update 7, KB 3093266, hit by recurring update failures

There are many reports that the latest Windows 10 patch fails to install repeatedly -- and a few user suggestions to fix the problem

businessman mystery

Microsoft stays mum on mystery Windows 7 patch

Another botched patch? It's hard to say when Microsoft releases, then pulls a Windows patch and offers no information on it

ios9 iphone6

Apple ships iOS 9.0.1 to fix bug that paralyzed some iPhones

Tells customers with crippled devices to connect to iTunes to grab the update

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