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KB 3135449 and 3135445 could be useful, but ignore the rest of Microsoft's batch

KB 2952664, 2977759, and 2976978 are optional patches that users can safely dismiss


Security flaws not so critical if admin rights are taken away

Privilege management can be a good workaround while waiting for IT to catch up on patch schedules

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Google fixes multiple Wi-Fi flaws, mediaserver bugs in Android

Of the 13 security flaws fixed in the latest update, 11 were rated as either high or critical in severity

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Cisco patches authentication, denial-of-service, NTP flaws in many products

Remote attackers can bypass authentication on Cisco RV220W wireless network security firewalls

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Latest Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book firmware update gets mixed reviews

Early feedback on the firmware update is mildly positive, but there are also reports of problems persisting

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KB 2881029, 3039794, 2920727 throw spurious VBA, 'Office Automation' errors

The latest MS16-004 version of MSComctLib.ocx doesn’t play well with TreeView, progress bar controls

Windows 10 for Phones Outlook Calendar

Microsoft says odd behavior in Outlook 2010 calendar is a feature, not a bug

Outlook 2010 patch KB 3114570 introduced problems for users scheduling appointments that span midnight -- and the change is coming to Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

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Why patching is still a problem -- and how to fix it

Many obstacles stand in the way of perfect patching. Getting around them may be easier than you think

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Firmware update for Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 causes blue screens, lockups, other problems

The litany of complaints doesn't bode well for the yet-to-be-issued Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book fixes

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Microsoft won't support many Skylake PCs without Windows 10

Yikes! A new policy retroactively withdraws support for PCs running Windows 7 or 8.1 if it has a new-generation processor

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Oracle fixes critical flaws in Java, Database Server

While most of the fixes for Java, Database, and MySQL are run-of-the-mill, four are rated critical if the targeted user has administrator privileges

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Google issues fix for zero-day kernel flaw, says effect on Android is greatly exaggerated

Most Android devices are unlikely to run vulnerable kernel versions -- and those that do are protected by SELinux, the company said

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Oracle issues record number of patches

Admin are advised to patch immediately after the company issued 248 patches on Tuesday -- its largest-ever release

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Windows 10 keeps installing Visual C++ patch KB 3119142 over and over again

Windows 10 forced updates are causing dozens of installs of the latest fix for the Visual C++ runtime

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Outlook 2010 patch KB 3114570 reintroduces Calendar bugs

What's worse, the bad patch will be forced on Windows 10 PCs over and over again

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Windows Live Mail woes continue with re-re-released KB 3093594

If you're using Windows Live Mail 2012 it may be finally time to give up. The latest undocumented patch is a re-release of the Dec. 17 version and solves nothing

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OpenSSH patches information leak that could expose private SSH keys

Rogue or compromised OpenSSH servers can read private SSH keys from the memory of unpatched clients

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Microsoft fixes KB 3114409 for Outlook 2010 with KB 3114570

The borked December 8 patch forced Outlook 2010 to launch in safe mode

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