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Microsoft Windows broken

Adobe releases previously delayed security updates for Reader and Acrobat

The updates fix eight vulnerabilities, including some that could be exploited to infect computers with malware

Microsoft's new Update Tuesday looks a whole lot like the old Black Tuesday

This month's truly gargantuan update includes a couple worthwhile new Windows features -- hardly the rapid delivery of new features that Microsoft touted

Why Microsoft pulling KB 2889866 OneDrive for Business patch is good news

Botched KB 2889866 was yanked one day after it was issued, restoring a modicum of trust in Microsoft's patching process

Internet Explorer steals the Patch Tuesday spotlight again

There are four new security bulletins from Microsoft this month, including one critical update that addresses a zero-day flaw

Microsoft tries yet again to fix Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi problems

Initial reports about the Surface Pro 3's sixth firmware update in three months are promising, but users are still having Wi-Fi wake-up problems

Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player, delays Reader and Acrobat updates

The new Flash Player update patches 12 vulnerabilities, many of which could allow remote code execution

Microsoft patch KB 2918614 triggers 'key not valid for use,' more errors

August's Windows Installer Service patch causes wide range of inscrutable problems on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines

Adobe slates critical Reader security update for Tuesday

Adobe plans to issue security updates for its PDF viewer Reader and for Acrobat to fix critical flaws in the software on Windows and Apple's OS X

Microsoft re-releases botched Windows 8.1 Update 2 patch KB 2975719

New Windows 8.1 Update 2 version 2 may come with an unpleasant requirement that you uninstall old versions

Microsoft ships replacement patch KB 2993651 with two known bugs

Microsoft re-releases botched MS14-045/KB 2982791 'Blue Screen 0x50' patch, buries tip to manually uninstall first patch, and introduces more problems

Microsoft's new approach to Windows updates is all marketing sizzle no steak

Microsoft has declared Patch Tuesday shall henceforth be called 'Update Tuesday' as a nod to new 'more nimble' Windows update policy

Microsoft yanks botched Black Tuesday patches KB 2982791, KB 2970228, KB 2975719, and KB 2975331

Microsoft recommends that users uninstall last week's update -- even if their machines are working fine

Users find fix for botched KB 2982791 and KB 2970228 Windows update

Microsoft has yet to pull the bad patch, respond to support cases, offer an explanation -- or even acknowledge the BSOD Stop 0x050 problem

Blue Screen Stop 0x050 error reported for systems installing KB2976897, KB2982791, and KB2970228

Two Microsoft kernel-mode driver updates are triggering BSOD error message on some Windows systems

Users should patch critical flaw in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, researchers say

Adobe also releases critical updates for Flash Player and Adobe Air

Black Tuesday: Microsoft offers massive IE patch rollup but no ActiveX blocks

Initial reports also include puzzling behavior for some Start menu Taskbars, patches for some Surface tablets, and an underwhelming Win 8.1 'Update 2'

Microsoft slashes IE support, sets 'huge' edict for Jan. 2016

Company makes another move that will complicate the lives of its best customers: enterprises

OpenSSL, critical encryption component, gets nine software fixes

None of the problems are as bad as Heartbleed, but administrators are advised to patch

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