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Windows 7

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Microsoft fingers KB 3020369 as culprit in Stage 3 of 3 reboot hangs

A week after the fact, MS says the re-issued April stack update hangs in certain installation sequences

broken windows

Microsoft updates KB 3057110, KB 3045171 cause Windows 7 PCs to crash

GDI+ updates freeze Win7 and earlier PCs when using GsDraw and other drawing tools to create text outline-based path objects

broken windows pieces patch

Windows patch KB 3022345 triggers apparent sys file corruption

The problem appears to be common to versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the patch

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Microsoft re-re-re-issues controversial Windows 10 patch KB 3035583

Against a backdrop of increasing concern for Microsoft's patching ways, the re-appearance of KB 3035583 does not inspire confidence

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Windows Schannel patch KB 3061518 causes problems with DSLS Catia, Enovia

If you’re running the Dassault Systèmes license service for the Catia or Enovia CAD program, avoid KB 3061518

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Microsoft's latest patches leave PCs hanging in 'Stage 3 of 3'

Users with all sorts of Windows configurations report that Tuesday’s crop of patches hang PCs during reboot

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Server 2003 users get the shaft in Microsoft's latest massive round of patches

Support for Server 2003 ends July 14, but as Tuesday's patches demonstrate, Microsoft can change the rules at any time

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Microsoft confirms: Original versions of KB 3022345, KB 3048043 broke updating

Microsoft rolled out new versions of the patches last week to address an issue that prevented users from getting updates

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Third time's a charm? Microsoft releases third version of Windows patch KB 3022345

Patch's third version in two weeks says it's directed at Windows 7/8.1 and appears to be another usage tracker

Microsoft reissues KB 3022345 patch, but does it solve Win8.1 installer failure?

Also rereleases KB 3046306 and KB 3048043 patches without explanation

yes no maybe

How Windows 10 updating will work: The devil's in the details

Windows Update for Business gives a look at how Windows 10 will be maintained -- and some hope for an end to the current patching nightmare

Microsoft picks security for the enterprise win

The company has revamped its routine for supplying security patches and has unveiled data and system protections

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Microsoft admits stealthy re-release of patch KB 3038314

We’re now hearing that the notorious, flawed IE rollup was re-released without notification on April 22

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Microsoft re-releases seven optional patches, including KB 3046480

The surprise release doesn't include a fix for last week's KB 3022345, which failed to install with error 800F0922

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Windows 10 patch KB 3055415 released with no details

The patch arrives with no description and no warning, other than that it requires a reboot

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Microsoft acknowledges -- but doesn't fix -- KB 3038314 installer fail with error 80092004

However there's still no admission that MS15-032 blocks the installation of search providers

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Optional Windows 8.1 update KB 3022345 fails to install with error 800F0922

At least one of the 34 patches Microsoft released yesterday is having big problems

Apple logo, patched up

Apple's OS X 'Rootpipe' patch flops, fails to fix flaw

Researcher finds 'trivial way' to exploit privilege escalation vulnerability after Apple tries to plug Yosemite hole

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