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Microsoft releases 24 optional Windows patches

Documentation for the updates was a day late, but it's worth scanning the list to see if there's anything of interest for your setup

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Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 updates throw 800f0203 error, blue screens

InfoWorld's own Windows blogger had problems with a Surface Book and couldn't get it to install the patches; the recommended fix doesn't work in all cases

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Oracle security update includes Java, MySQL, Oracle Database fixes

Several vulnerabilities in Oracle's quarterly patch release are considered critical and could be remotely exploited

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Oracle releases 136 security patches for wide range of products

The company has adopted the new CVSS 3.0 vulnerability rating system, resulting in a larger number of flaws rated as high and critical

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Here's how to significantly speed up Windows 7 scans for updates

An unlikely combination of two Windows updates can reduce scan times from hours to minutes

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Patch JBoss now to prevent SamSam ransomware attacks

Cisco Talos has identified millions of vulnerable JBoss servers that can potentially be infected with SamSam ransomware

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Microsoft brings out the big guns to help with Win10 updates

In a laudable development, Microsoft engineers are providing support for users who have problems with Windows 10 updates


Don't let Badlock distract you from real vulnerabilities

Who is afraid of the big bad vulnerability? All the hype on Badlock is a distraction from the real flaws that need patching right away

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Block Windows 10 forced updates without breaking your machine, part 2

There appears to be a way to stop the Win10 forced update juggernaut. You can help

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Adobe fixes 24 vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including an actively exploited one

The new Flash Player update squashes a bug that hackers have been using to infect computers with ransomware

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Windows 7/8.1 patches KB 2952664, 2976978, and 2977759 return like bad pennies

If you hid these 'compatibility updates' last week, they're baaaaaack, whether CEIP is enabled or not

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Sloppy patching, insecure plug-ins made Panama Papers leak possible

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and PHP developers need to get their security acts together

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Here's the rundown on Microsoft's latest nonsecurity Office patches

Microsoft has yet to post a list of the massive collection of patches it released Tuesday

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Adobe to issue emergency patch for Flash vulnerability

The patch for a critical flaw that attackers are reportedly exploiting could come as soon as Thursday

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Google issues biggest Android security update yet

Google continues stomping out Mediaserver bugs in Android alongside other flaws in core components such as Wi-Fi, video kernel driver, and Bluetooth


Microsoft re-releases patches KB 2952664, 2976978, and 2977759

For the second time this month, Microsoft pushed out three optional patches to grease the skids for Windows 10

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Microsoft details schedule changes for Office updates

Microsoft updating has been a mess, but a newly announced change may help streamline the process

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Emergency Java update fixes two-year-old flaw after researchers bypass old patch

The new patch comes after a security firm demonstrated that a 2013 fix for a critical vulnerability was inefficient

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