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Kubernetes-powered PaaS focuses on devops

The Kel PaaS, an open source version of a long-running service aimed at Python and Django app developers, focuses on workflow and dev needs


Platformization is the scaffold that helps startups build their business faster

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, focus on your core competency


9 new cloud features Amazon announced, and 1 it didn't

Amazon Web Services held a Summit today in Chicago and announced nifty new tools for its cloud, but one rumored product that could have Amazon’s cloud partners worried remained under wraps.

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New AWS service helps companies to move their apps to the cloud

The Application Discovery Service helps companies analyze legacy apps running in data centers and start the migration of data to the cloud

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Cloud review: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Joyent

The top five public clouds pile on the services and options, while adding unique twists

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Survey: AWS commands fierce loyalty

Customers stick with AWS religiously, but they're also interested in what other clouds have to offer as a complement

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Review: Amazon Web Services is eating the world

Amazon continues to define the cloud with an unrivaled set of services for developers, IT, and data crunchers

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Puppet expands support for Docker, Kubernetes

The Puppet Enterprise 2016.1 automation platform features support modules for managing containers and microservices architectures

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Windows? Linux? The OS is dead, killed by the cloud

Who thinks in terms of developing for operating systems anymore? The cloud is where developers need to be -- and Lambda helps them feel right at home

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You shall not PaaS!

The implementation of any connected database or computer system must consider security, first and foremost, and PaaS can be a big help


Integration Platform as a Service, the new kid on the integration block

iPaaS is still a fast-moving market segment. What does it do and who are the players?

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What will Google do to make its cloud appeal to more companies?

Developers love Google's technical leadership, but it hasn't been able to convince enterprises

Cloud gears machine production

Google App Engine adds Node.js support

JavaScript developers can use Google's PaaS cloud to build Web applications and mobile back ends, thanks to a partnership with NodeSource

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Apple said to move part of cloud business from AWS to Google

The move appears designed to let Apple have diverse cloud service suppliers

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Oracle profit slides again despite rapid growth in cloud

SaaS and PaaS sales climbed sharply, but Oracle's revenue was still down for the fourth consecutive quarter

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Learning from the PaaS

Container services are redefining PaaS by giving enterprises the freedom to choose best-of-breed tools and services to compose their own platforms

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How PaaS can head off disaster

PaaS's business continuity and disaster recovery features make it a valuable option for maintaining uptime

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NTT Com adds OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and bare metal option to global cloud service

The company is also expanding connectivity and management tools for hybrid cloud environments and rolling them out worldwide

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