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cloud integration biggest challenge

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Companies, start your (hybrid) clouds: Azure Stack's first beta is coming

Meet Microsoft's latest attempt to bridge the on-premises and public worlds

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First look: Microsoft Azure Stack hits the ground running

Technical preview of Microsoft's hybrid cloud platform drives just like Azure, drawing on the same APIs, tools, and templates

The sun sets on original Docker PaaS

In a shrinking PaaS market, dotCloud could no longer compete with more upscale competitors

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InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld editors and reviewers pick the best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services of the year


2016: The year we see the real cloud leaders emerge

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft know what it means to run hyperscale public clouds, while IBM is learning. Which will capture the enterprise as it lurches skyward?

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Review: Google Cloud flexes flexibility

Google’s elegant Cloud Platform makes it easy to spin up instances or simply tap Google APIs only when you need them


A tale of application rationalization (not)

Application rationalisation is a popular idea in enterprises. It promises architectural simplification of the IT-landscape. But often rationalisation is an illusion as enterprise-specific functionality has to be recreated in the new...

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Consistency is key to new Cloud Foundry certification program

The open source PaaS puts its new seal of approval on select Cloud Foundry editions, hoping the choice of versions and contributors will set it apart from Red Hat's OpenShift

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Review: Microsoft Azure reaches beyond Windows

Microsoft's cloud built for Windows and .Net has exploded with open source options and big data services

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Red Hat's new OpenShift service aims for public-cloud convenience, bare-metal speeds

A new hosted version of Red Hat's flagship PaaS aims to satisfy enterprise needs for multitenancy and performance

Eye-catching cloud solutions

2015 was a banner year for the cloud

All the leading clouds added major new capabilities as adoption ramped up -- and one major player bowed out

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How sound is your cloud? Good luck measuring it

With all the variations in design, construction, and features, it's no wonder that benchmarking public clouds remains a challenge

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Make the most of Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Microsoft's next-gen PaaS, Service Fabric, offers unique benefits -- including support for stateful services and Reliable Actors. Here's how to get all you can from it

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9 enterprise tech trends for 2016 and beyond

Enterprise technology development keeps racing ahead, and this year's forecast explains how most of it will be wrapped in the cloud

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The 5 biggest debuts at DockerCon

Throughout DockerCon Europe last week, new products and services made their first appearances, including Docker's fledgling management system

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Review: OpenShift 3 rocks Docker containers

Red Hat’s robust, easy-to-use, and highly scalable PaaS now builds on Docker, with some temporary limitations

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Yelp cooks up a PaaS using Docker and Mesos

PaaSTA leverages common open source components, but may not appeal to enterprises seeking a 'deploy and go' solution

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Joyent: The Docker-friendly cloud you’ve never heard of

Joyent started the container party, later validated by Docker. Despite superior technology, does an independent public cloud like Joyent have a chance?

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