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H-1B cap is reached with 'high number' of visa requests

A lottery will again be used to distribute the H-1B visas

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New software development success metrics

As project delivery models evolve to be more iterative and agile, success metrics of cost, scope and deadline lose their relevance. This is particularly true for the most significant and strategic efforts that involve customer-facing,...


White House making it easier to get an L-1 visa

The White House has released a memo intended to give clarity over how businesses may use the temporary L-1 work visa, a document derided by critics of the H-1B visa.

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What GM and HP can teach us about outsourcing software development

GM's decision to cut H-P and bring software development in house illustrates why most companies can't--and shouldn't--take IT strategy cues from GM.

Robotic Process Automation: IT Job Killer?

Robotic process automation: The new IT job killer?

Robotic process automation has higher-value IT tasks in its cross-hairs but could be the best antidote to outsourcing yet

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Why culture is as important as skill for outsourced agile teams

The success of agile teams, especially outsourced or embedded agile teams, depends as much on their cultural fit as the skills of individual team members

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How CIOs can earn back credibility

Business counterparts are questioning the CIO's role, purpose and credibility. Here's what CIOs must do to build their personal and departmental credibility and help advance greater company business and strategic goals

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Stop selling software development short

In the decade of the developer, enterprises need to revisit how they budget for and measure the value of software development

Wyoming to close data centers in cloud shift

The first state to deploy Google Apps makes its next step in moving the state's computing resources to cloud services

2014's starting salaries for college tech majors

As summer winds down, it's time for a look at how tech graduates' starting salaries are stacking up

Best Places to Work in IT 2014: What employees want, what employers offer

Explore what matters most to IT workers and find out which of the top 100 organizations deliver with bountiful benefits, top-notch training, and more

Global in-house centers more cost effective than outsourcing

A new study from the Everest Group reports that most captive offshore centers deliver more savings than offshore outsourcing

Salary survey: Which IT jobs pay best, which IT jobs are iffy

Computerworld's survey of more than 3,500 IT pros shows that those with the right mix of technical skills and business savvy are in demand. Here's a look at trends in workers' job and pay satisfaction, along with their job security...

As IT hiring slows, freelancers are getting more work

Your next job may be as a hired gun as more companies recruit outsiders to fill positions once held by full-time staffers

6 IT outsourcing lessons learned from HealthCare.gov's troubled launch

Launch of HealthCare.gov is a stunning example of outsourced IT gone wrong. Here are the steps to take to ensure a smoother rollout

Offshore IT service providers are the leading users of L-1 visas

The IEEE-USA is calling for reform of the L-1 visa program, which unlike the H-1B visa has no cap or prevailing wage requirement

IBM sells customer care outsourcing unit for $505 million

IBM says it will remain in the field of business process outsourcing

Are you endangered? Offshoring now targets corporate IT jobs

Offshoring and productivity gains are expected to blow away 750,000 enterprise IT jobs by 2017

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