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Laid-off IT workers fight University of California outsourcing

Some worry that the overseas outsourcing will spread to other universities


IT workers rally against offshore labor

IT employees from University of California San Francisco rallied together to voice concerns over the university's use of offshore labor.

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Grassley criticizes university over its IT offshoring

A political backlash is growing over UCSF's plan to shift IT jobs overseas

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Infosys' U.S. workforce is mostly South Asian and no accident, plaintiffs allege

Plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit that alleges Infosys discriminates

CEO's message a jolt to IT workers facing layoffs

More than 500 IT employees at insurer Health Care Service Corp. expected to train replacements as work shifts to India-based IT services contractor

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In three debates, Clinton and Trump ignore H-1B visa issue

Trump had the most to gain by raising what may be tech's most controversial issue

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University IT employees fighting for jobs question data security

The IT employees say workers in India will have access to UCSF medical and financial information as well as to files with research and study data

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Outsourced IT workers ask Feinstein for help, get form letter in return

Senator's response to University of California IT employees whose jobs are going to India didn't offer much hope

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H-1B bill advances in House -- as does anxiety about it

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Wednesday on $100,000 wage minimum for H-1B-dependent firms

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University of California’s outsourcing is wrong, says U.S. lawmaker

U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif) wonders how to encourage young people to go into STEM-related fields when these jobs are being given to foreign workers

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How software-defined everything will change outsourcing

Enterprises gain more options to mix and match internal and external clouds -- if they can adapt

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Video: The real story behind the H-1B visa program

The vast majority of people who work in IT did everything right. This is the story of how the H-1B visa program punished some of them anyway

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Trump's 'extreme' anti-terrorism vetting may be H-1B nightmare

Many people from 'dangerous and volatile regions' work in the U.S. on H-1B visas, and Trump's plan would penalize these workers because of their birthplace.

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Automation, not cheap labor, is reshaping outsourcing

While Congress and workers debate H-1B visas, virtual labor is ascendant

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IT layoffs at insurance firm are a 'never-ending funeral'

Workers are training their replacements via Web conferencing sessions as some IT duties shift overseas

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Publisher of LA Times and Chicago Tribune sends IT jobs overseas

If major newspaper chains move IT work offshore, will that hurt coverage of job outsourcing?

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Newspaper chain sending IT jobs overseas

CEO tells IT staff he is 'pleased' to announce new tech plan that involves sending jobs overseas

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Rejecting employees' pleas, EmblemHealth CEO sets major IT layoff

Health insurer is going forward with plan to shift IT work to Cognizant, which is among the largest users of H-1B workers

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