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verizon strike

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IT employees at EmblemHealth fight to save jobs from outsourcing

The employees fear their jobs will be gone once they transfer their knowledge to outsourcing firm Cognizant, one of the largest users of H-1B workers

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The pain of training your replacement

Two women in IT tell how they are losing their jobs to offshore contractors and having to train their replacements

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U.S. gets 236,000 H-1B petitions, a new record

On-going demand for visas won't change the well-worn debate over the program

Hewlett Packard Enterprise new signs

HPE sells majority stake in Indian IT services provider Mphasis to Blackstone

HPE said the deal would help the company reallocate capital and continue to get services delivered from India

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How many H-1B workers are female? US won’t say

Government resistance to releasing H-1B gender data frustrates advocates who have q uestions about the program's impact on the workforce

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NTT Data to acquire Dell’s services business for over $3B

The move could make NTT Data an important player in the US IT services marketket.

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Displaced IT workers, H-1B abuse gain rising political attention

Politicians like Donald Trump and Sen. Richard Blumenthal place IT professionals who lost their jobs to H-1B workers at center stage

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IT outsourcing customers cling to cost-savings mindset

IT leaders continue to focus on cost containment with their IT service deals, but traditional outsourcing deals are reaching a point of diminishing returns

Fireworks at Disney World

IT workers dispute Disney rehiring claims

Laid-off IT workers at Disney dispute company statements that Disney has hired back more than 100 of them.

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Former Disney IT worker to Congress: How can you allow this?

Senator sees no reason to end the H-1B program, but wants a system that favors the most highly qualified

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Ahead of Senate hearing, a look at the early warnings about H-1B

In 1995, then-Labor Secretary Robert Reich feared the H-1B program could inflict real harm on US workers; here’s what he says now

White House education plan leaves H-1B visa critics flabbergasted

President Obama’s $4 billion computer science initiative will get funding from India's top offshore outsourcers

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Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

In the office and in Congress, IT workers are fighting back -- often in silence

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Disney IT workers allege conspiracy in layoffs, file lawsuits

Disney IT workers laid off a year ago are accusing the company and the outsourcing firms it hired of engaging in a "conspiracy to displace U.S. workers"

H1-B Visa Abuse

IEEE-USA to urge displaced workers to file complaints

Engineering group sees an opening for Department of Justice action on discrimination complaints over offshore outsourcing

Congress doubles H-1B fee to $4,000

Visa fee must be paid with the initial application and on any extension. The extra money will help pay for biometric tracking system

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A $2,000 H-1B fee on Indian firms may return

Lawmakers may restore a special visa fee that funded the 9/11 healthcare act

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In Disney’s backyard, Sen. Nelson proposes big H-1B reduction

Florida Democrat's bill would reduce the H-1B visa cap by nearly 25% and allocate visas to employers paying the highest wages

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