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7 features Microsoft left out of Windows 10

Microsoft teased several interesting updates that didn’t make the final cut

10 10th birthday

Status report: Windows 10 Creators Update at one month old

The pace of patching is slower than with Anniversary Update, and there have been bugs galore but no showstopping failures

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Microsoft plots changes to Windows 10's release lingo

Forget 'Current Branch for Business,' learn 'Semi-Annual Channel (Broad)' instead when company syncs jargon with Office 365

mind the gap

Windows 10 usage inches up—but gap with Android widens

Windows 7 still has half the market on the desktop, but Windows 10 continues its leisurely rise as Edge flatlines

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Microsoft re-issues much-maligned Windows patch KB 3150513 -- again

It won't die! Microsoft is pushing its 10th refresh of the hated 'upgrade enabling' patch to every version of Windows

Windows 10 Privacy in the Creators Update

Windows 10 Privacy in the Creators Update

Windows 10 privacy settings are easier to find and use in the Creators Update. But there's a difference between getting more control and getting more privacy.

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Microsoft sets May 9 as original Windows 10's retirement date

Version 1507, the mid-2015 debut release, disappears from the patching list; next up is version 1511, which will likely follow in early October

Missed target.

Microsoft plan to force PCs with newer processors to Windows 10 backfires

A faulty detection mechanism also snagged some 6th gen AMD Carrizo PCs and locked them out of future Windows Updates

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Ready, set, block! Windows 10 Creators Update arrives

Microsoft starts rolling out the new version of Windows 10 today. If you don’t want it, here's how to keep your version of Windows 10 intact

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Why enterprises are embracing Windows 10 so fast

When Windows 10 came out in July 2015, many enterprises said they’d adopt it in 18-24 months. That would be right about now. All indications are that Windows 10 is hitting its stride in business, in many cases ahead of schedule.

windows 10 hidden revealed

Microsoft finally reveals what data Windows 10 collects from your PC

Microsoft finally reveals the diagnostic data Windows 10 collects, as the Creators Update makes it easier to understand what information the operating system wants.

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Android is now more popular than Windows worldwide

StatCounter reports Android has overtaken Windows for first time. Meanwhile, Win10 usage nudges upward while Edge slips

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Thinking about switching to Windows 10? Now’s the time to act

Upgrade in the next couple of weeks, while Windows 10 is the safest it'll be for many months to come

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Windows 10's next major update arrives April 11

The Creators Update includes features for Edge, gaming, and more

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Microsoft makes it fun

The Creators Update may not have everything Microsoft promised, but what's there is fun: gaming, inking, e-reading and more.

First-aid kit medicine remedy fix cross

Microsoft releases patches for botched Windows WPD driver

KB 4016754, KB 4017099, and KB 4017100 claim to solve the problems created by a bad patch, but Microsoft is still trying to deflect the blame

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Microsoft releases Win10 Creators Update—but proceed with caution

ISOs for build 15063 may be available, but users would be wise not to install them until they're ready for prime time

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Microsoft releases multiple fixes for CRM bugs, including Win10 emergency patch KB 4016635

Cumulative updates for Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 aim to correct major formatting bugs introduced by last week's security patches

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