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Free geek gift! Download the 'Conversational Geek' e-book

With this easy-to-read overview of geekdom, anyone can get up to speed fast and become conversational in geek

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The winning Linux kernel live patch: All of the above

Two competing approaches for live kernel patching have been fused into a hybrid strategy and submitted for acceptance to Linux 3.20 kernel

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Microsoft turned the ship in 2014

With new leadership and aggressive moves in cloud and open source, Microsoft is on a much better course than it was a year ago

Top 20 Windows 10 Feedback suggestions

Add yours now! 20 hot user ideas for Windows 10

Vox populi: Windows Feedback means you can prod Microsoft to change Windows 10 -- but you must vote now

Microsoft files suit against alleged tech support scammers

Over one-third of U.S. citizens contacted by scammers fall for the scam, according to Microsoft

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KB 3025380 moves Windows 10 testers onto new build branch

The patch will let you get the next Tech Preview build, in January, from a new branch called FBL_AWESOME

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Microsoft ships KB 3025390 to fix IE11 screwups in KB 3008923

As of noon Wednesday, Microsoft still hasn't pulled or updated the botched patch MS 14-080 / KB 3008923

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The four Mac security options everyone should know

By default, the Mac is pretty secure. But with the help of a couple of built-in options, you can make it even more so

Google Cloud offers streamlined Ubuntu for Docker use

Ubuntu Core provides a minimal Lightweight Linux environment for running containers

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New patch KB 3025096 fixes Windows 10 Technical Preview patch KB 3020114

But why did it take Microsoft so long to post an official notification?

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Newly leaked Windows 10 build 9901 teases with Cortana, other neat features

Microsoft struts its stuff with a grand if flawed Cortana and new apps, including a worthy Photos app and the beginnings of a new Windows Store

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Windows 7 hit by rash of bogus 'not genuine' reports, validation code 0x8004FE21

Windows 7 is suddenly telling users it isn't genuine -- and it has nothing to do with Windows being stolen

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Get started with FreeBSD: A brief intro for Linux users

If you've never tried FreeBSD, take a few minutes now -- you might be surprised


Patches aplenty: Microsoft sends out KB 2920807, KB 2920738 for Office

If you are running an installed version of Office 2010 or 2013, here are two more patches for your collection


Microsoft releases 'Silver Bullet' patch KB 3024777 to eliminate KB 3004394

More information unfolds about the Windows Root Certification patch and its foibles

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Microsoft on KB 3004394 patch: Uninstall it ... pretty please

It's official: If you installed KB 3004394, you need to uninstall the patch manually

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KB 2553154, 2726958 clobber Excel ActiveX; KB 3011970 Silverlight, KB 3004394 Root Cert pulled

KB 3008923 crashes IE, KB 3002339 still hanging on install, KB 2986475 still pulled -- but there's a small silver lining

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Microsoft pulls Exchange Server 2010 SP3 update rollup 8, KB 2986475

The company says that if you started deploying update rollup 8, you need to roll it back

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