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Supercharge your Windows 10 start menu

Crank it to 11! Start menu tricks for Windows 10

The latest Start menu has few of Win7-era customizations -- but many new tricks worth knowing

Another day, another Windows 10 cumulative update, KB 3093466

We have yet another update to Windows 10 -- call it CU 7 -- with absolutely no description or explanation

businessman mystery

Microsoft stays mum on mystery Windows 7 patch

Another botched patch? It's hard to say when Microsoft releases, then pulls a Windows patch and offers no information on it


Oops! Microsoft accidentally leaks Lumia 950 and 950XL Windows 10 Phone details

Thanks for confirming the Lumia 950 and 950XL before the official launch, Microsoft!

el capitan

Apple launches OS X El Capitan

The performance and stability upgrade is free to Mac owners

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Microsoft reshuffles into 3 businesses for financial reporting

The reorg will make it easier to mask hardware's hard road to profit, says analyst

windows 10 laptop

Review: The best 13-inch laptops for Windows 10

Laptops and convertibles from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft square off in our performance, workability, and battery tests

privacy please

Windows 10 and privacy: Whom should you trust?

We put Windows 10 to the test to see if Microsoft’s privacy claims match the reality

Office 2016 mac

Office and the iPad Pro: It's just business, stupid

Microsoft will require owners of Apple's iPad Pro to pay for almost all functionality in its Office suite, a point neither Microsoft nor Apple bothered to highlight this month when the latter invited the former to share stage time at...

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft will let business users opt out of Windows 10 tracking

Privacy concerns have swirled around Windows 10 since its launch at the end of July; Microsoft responded Monday


Microsoft sets an old C/C++ compiler on a modern path

Microsoft debuted improvements this summer with Visual Studio 2015, and more are planned

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Remember sed and awk? All Linux admins should

We aren’t doing the next generation of Linux and Unix admins any favors by forgetting init scripts and fundamental tools

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Windows 10: Let the Start menu ads begin

Microsoft has begun slipping 'occasional suggestions' into the Windows 10 Start menu of build 10547

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft's enterprise-grade security is coming to Windows 10 IoT

Developers can now buy a kit to get started with Microsoft's embedded OS, which will feature Bitlocker encryption and Secure Boot

OneNote 2016 on a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft offers half-price Office 365 to entice Windows 10 users

New promotion aimed at getting users of old versions of Office onto its subscription service offers a year of Office 365 for $35

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First look: Top 10 features of Office 2016

A familiar UI and a more thoughtful selection of new features makes the new Office a more welcome update

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Windows 10 Internet Explorer update KB 3087040 fails with error 0x80004005

Somebody at Microsoft should have tested the patch before releasing it, but fortunately there's an easy fix

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Get to know Mac Gatekeeper, aka Windows 10's security model

Now that Windows has Device Guard, here's how to use its inspiration, Gatekeeper, on the Mac

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