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CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi

CoreOS CEO: Security is fundamental

In an interview, CEO Alex Polvi claims his company invented the cloud-native OS category and discusses how CoreOS's update strategy differs from the likes of Red Hat

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On the road to Windows 10: Nvidia driver tests KB 3073930 patch blocker

Some are pushing a handy troubleshooter to block the forced Win10 update with Nvidia 353.54 driver -- but it doesn’t work the way you think

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Windows 10 patch KB 3074681 crashes Explorer

On Saturday Microsoft released yet another undocumented patch that's causing problems on some PCs, but a fix is said to be on the way


On the road to Windows 10: Rollout plans and rumors

Windows 10 will roll out in three distinct phases, but there are still many unanswered questions about timing. Here’s what to watch for as July 29 draws near

Windows 10: Truth and lies

Windows 10: Fact vs. fiction

With Win10 slated to drop July 29, we give you the straight dope on support, upgrades, and the state of the bits

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10 tools that fix common Windows frustrations

Windows is full of niggling little irritations, but these tools come to the rescue

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Firmware update for Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 triggers error 0x80246013

There are also reports that the undocumented update to Windows 10 build 10240 causes an error with the Surface Pro 2

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Windows 10 gets two more patches overnight: KB 3074679 and KB 3074686

Windows 10 testers receive two more patches, one of which plugs the security holes in MS15-078 and SA 2755801

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Microsoft patches caused fewer problems over the past 3 months -- for a change

The list of problematic patches took a nose dive at the end of April. Whatever they're drinking in Redmond, it's working

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On the road to Windows 10: Problems with forced updates and KB 3073930

Windows 10 has several interrelated methods for removing/blocking forced updates, but they don’t all work

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9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

Excited about the imminent release of Windows 10? You may want to wait


Microsoft plugs gaping security hole with KB 3079904, KB 3074667

It’s a critical patch for all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, covering yet another OpenType font problem

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Windows 10 forced updates: Don't panic

Microsoft's plans to force updates on Windows 10 has users in an uproar, but there's more to the story

windows 10 eula

Windows 10 license confirms no-warning automatic updates and upgrades

The final form Windows 10 EULA defines rights for pre-installed Office for Windows 10 apps, tells pirates there is no free ride

Microsoft Windows 10

Where Windows 10 stands right now

Windows 10 betas are coming fast and furious. Discover what Microsoft has released so far

Microsoft Windows - new 2

Here's what's new in Windows 10 build 10240

Windows 10 build 10240, widely called the 'RTM build,' is just as stable as build 10166 but with a few interesting improvements

Red Hat pushing hard beyond Linux in the data center

Red Hat is looking to expand its open source products across the infrastructure hardware stack.

Video: Satya Nadella's WPC 2015 keynote

At the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft's CEO lays out his vision for Windows, the cloud, and mobile computing

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