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Could Docker replace package management?

Linux's package management headaches could be solved by way of containers, but experts warn it's only half a solution

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Tuesday's 'optional' Windows patch KB 2876229 can hijack your browser

Microsoft's patch installs Skype, which by default makes MSN your home page and Bing your search engine


Internet Explorer 11 won't use Microsoft's new 'Edge' browser engine in Windows 10

IE is the past and Project Spartan is the future: Microsoft says IE11 will not use Project Spartan's Edge rendering engine

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Microsoft pushes Windows 10 build 10041 out to Slow ring

Clean install ISOs are also available, but problems with the corrupted Mail/People/Calendar app persist

windows phone biometrics security eye fingerprint

Windows 10 puts biometric security front and center

The future of travel, mobile payments, system authentication, and even safe driving may rely on biometric technology

Microsoft Windows - new

Inside the new Windows 10 Technical Preview tools, SDK

Microsoft's massive Windows 10 developer package contains surprises for developers and users alike

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From the trenches with Windows 10 build 10041: What you really need to know

From features to fumbles, P2P to Photos, install stalls to a recalcitrant Mail app, build 10041 holds many surprises

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Didn't pay for Windows? You might still get Windows 10 for free

Microsoft hopes to convert pirate users into paying customers -- or at least get them off XP

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Windows 10: Still no new beta in sight

Windows honcho Terry Myerson spreads the religion at WinHEC in Shenzhen, but testers come up empty-handed

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Microsoft re-releases EMET 5.2, fixing IE problems under Windows 8.1

The re-released Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is identified as EMET 5.2, same as the old version

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Windows Server 2003 admins beware: Microsoft reissues Netlogon patch KB 3002657

If you're running Windows Server 2003, Microsoft advises you install KB 3002657-v2 on top of the first patch

Inspecting a tablet magnifying glass businessman

What's behind the stall in PC and tablet sales

Windows 8 may help explain the PC's poor uptake, but you can't blame it for the iPad's fall

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Why you should give the leaked Windows 10 build 10036 a miss

With little that's new or worthwhile in Windows 10 build 10036, it's better to wait for an official release of a later build

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Revealed: The best and worst of Docker

Docker experts talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the ubiquitous application container system

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Microsoft warns: The Windows 10 beta pace is about to speed up

Insiders who choose the Fast lane will get fresh code more often. But to stay safe, switch Windows 10 preview updates to the Slow ring

VMware expands desktop virtualization to Linux

VMware Horizon 6 will be able to deliver Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux desktops

shipping containers cargo containers harbor industry commerce

Red Hat wants to do for containers what it's done for Linux

With Red Hat's new partner program, toolkit, and certification system, the company looks to be at the heart of containerization

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KB 3033929 install fails, with multiple errors

The reissued patch that's supposed to bring SHA-2 code signing abilities to Win7/Server 2008 R2 is causing havoc

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