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Cheerp creator: Our C++-to-JavaScript compiler beats Emscripten

Cheerp 1.2 offers speedier compilation with no memory size limitations

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What's the real reason Microsoft and Google are releasing open source?

When individuals release open source projects, their motivations are often altruistic, but when it comes to companies, that is not usually the goal. Open source releases backed by companies should usually have a strategic value,...

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Latest Nginx updates address three security flaws

The vulnerabilities in the Web server platform affect systems using the 'resolver' directive

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Ruby on Rails fixes multiple input validation vulnerabilities

Ruby on Rails fixed six vulnerabilities in versions 3.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, and Rails 5.0 beta and three in rails-html-sanitizer

Java's key to success: Simplicity

Citrine borrows from Ruby, JavaScript, C for object-oriented programming

The open source language is still in development and emphasizes simplicity and readability

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Google spotlights Go language with new open source load balancer

In its Seesaw load-balancing technology, Google demonstrates how Go can be used to wrap other projects

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What would you do if GitHub shut down tomorrow?

Also in today's open source roundup: The best Linux distros of 2016, and some laptops can be bricked with a single Linux command

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Hadoop co-creator: Spark is great -- but people want more

Doug Cutting anticipates growth ahead and opportunities all around for the Hadoop ecosystem

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Microsoft Pyjion boosts Python speed

The new JIT technology for Python is backward-compatible and works directly with CPython extension modules

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OpenSSL patches two vulnerabilities in cryptographic library

The updates fix issues in how some Diffie-Hellman parameters are generated, and they close up SSLv2 protocol weaknesses

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We're living in the golden age of software development

With an unprecedented choice of tools, languages, platforms, and architectural styles, developers are creating a wildly inventive, software-defined world

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AMD places hopes for machine learning -- and moneymaking -- in GPUOpen

A new initiative by AMD to create an open source toolchain for GPU development could make machine learning frameworks easier to develop

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

AMD launches GPUOpen, but some Linux users remain skeptical

Also in today's open source roundup: Firefox 44.0 has been released, and Tails 2.0 is now available

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The real reason Microsoft open-sourced .Net

DevOps, microservices, and the shift to containers and lightweight computing environments explain a lot about Microsoft’s position on .Net, open source, and Nano Server

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Oracle raises questions on open-source license for Android with OpenJDK

Google has discussed the release of a version of Android based on the OpenJDK code

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Walmart open-sources OneOps to free you from cloud lock-in

The platform is now available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license

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Why Linux is still better than Windows 10

Also in today's open source roundup: Why one writer dumped Windows and switched to Linux 13 years ago, and Amazon wants its Android OEMs to integrate its services into their phones

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Video: How OpenStack doomed itself

OpenStack has lost its way, and key developer Andy Smith knows where it took wrong turns

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