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Nmap 7 brings faster scanning and improved IPv6 support

There are a lot of network management and monitoring goodies inside the latest version of Nmap

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Move over, Linux -- JavaScript-powered NodeOS 1.0 approaches

NodeOS lowers the bar for developers using a base foundation of JavaScript, Node.js, and Npm

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RHEL 7.2 embraces containers

The newest version of RHEL uses containers for system management on top of running container workloads, but Red Hat hasn't forgotten about more conventional needs

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Microsoft's open source .Net now ready for real apps

Microsoft is delivering feature-complete release candidates of .Net Core 5 and the ASP.Net 5 Web framework for Linux, Windows, and OS X


VMware extends container campaign with open source Photon Controller

Photon Controller is part of a larger mission to give VMware another toehold in the post-VM world

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Microsoft rolls out open source toolkit for machine learning

The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms

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Google engineers craft a Dart framework for iOS and Android

The UI framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets


5 things we hate about Spark

Spark has dethroned MapReduce and changed big data forever, but that rapid ascent has been accompanied by persistent frustrations

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Yelp cooks up a PaaS using Docker and Mesos

PaaSTA leverages common open source components, but may not appeal to enterprises seeking a 'deploy and go' solution

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Google sharpens its container-focused cloud products for battle

New updates to its container-focused cloud offerings bring in features from Docker v2 and Kubernetes 1.1

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4 no-bull takeaways about Google's machine learning project

TensorFlow, originally designed to support Google's systems at scale, is now available for everyone to use. Here's why it matters

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Library misuse exposes leading Java platforms to attack

A deserialization vulnerability in Apache Commons Collections could lead to remote code execution on JBoss, WebSphere, Jenkins, WebLogic, and OpenNMS installations, but the sky isn't falling yet

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Video: No more open source foundations, please!

Not every new open source project needs a new foundation. In fact, the rise of all these new foundations could be hurting the open source cause

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Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open APIs

With the Open API Initiative, the Linux Foundation and its partners -- including IBM -- plan to make the next generation of APIs easier to find, use, document, and transform

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MariaDB pops up on Azure with new cluster service

The increasingly popular open-source database is now available through a new offering on Microsoft's Azure marketplace

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How Verizon analyzes security-breach data with R

Senior data scientist calls the Verizon Data Breach Report a 'love letter to R'

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Joyent: The Docker-friendly cloud you’ve never heard of

Joyent started the container party, later validated by Docker. Despite superior technology, does an independent public cloud like Joyent have a chance?

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Red Hat and Microsoft cozy up in the Azure cloud

Red Hat and Microsoft have overcome their differences enough to offer RHEL on Azure, with all the trappings to make hybrid solutions work

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