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Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to get and set up all the Office 365 components

Part 1: Office 365 and OneDrive let you mix and match apps in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and the web

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to share any kind of file through OneDrive

Part 4: OneDrive integrates with Windows, iOS, and Android -- and works via the web -- to let you share and discover shared files of all types

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to get Office 365 document sharing to actually work

Office 365, Office 2016, and OneDrive have finally come together across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and the web -- but you still need a guide to making it all work

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to access documents stored in OneDrive from any device

Part 3: The OneDrive service works for accessing shared files both within Office 2016 and the OneDrive app, if properly enabled

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

How to share Office 365 documents directly from Office 2016

Part 2: Whether you use Office 2016 in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, or the web, you can share Office documents directly with others

Office for Mac 64 bit

Microsoft finally moves Mac Office apps to 64-bit

At the same time, Microsoft issued updates to the Office 2016 applications -- Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word -- to users registered with the Insider program.

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Why you should use FastTrack to move to Office 365

Microsoft's migration assistance service will help you get to the Microsoft Cloud at no to low cost

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Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365

Millions of Office 365 users were potentially at risk for a Cerber infection last week as ransomware targeting shifts from individuals to enterprises

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Microsoft starts clock ticking on Office 2016's first upgrade

Enterprise Office 365 customers have until October to move off original builds of apps like Word and Excel

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The future of Office may lie in 'decomposable' documents

Julie Larson-Green expects we'll be able to find content based on its component parts

wwdc ios 10 emoji messages

What's new in this fall's iOS 10

Apple's newest iOS brings major "emojification" of Messages and third-party app integrations in Siri, Maps, and more

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Office 365's brand-new apps: Planner and advanced security

For users, Office Online now has a workflow manager; for IT, Office 365 now has Advanced Security Management

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Microsoft primes SharePoint 2016 for on-premises takeover

There's a lot to like in the latest SharePoint server release -- and clear signs its future will move to the cloud

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Microsoft ackowledges problems with buggy Office 2013 patch KB 3114941

Crashes in Lync and Outlook lead to Microsoft's fourth official recall of Click-to-Run version of Office in the past four months

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Office 365’s corporate takeover is imminent

Exchange Online is IT's biggest reason for shifting from on-premises Microsoft servers to the Office 365 cloud services

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Here's the rundown on Microsoft's latest nonsecurity Office patches

Microsoft has yet to post a list of the massive collection of patches it released Tuesday

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Microsoft details schedule changes for Office updates

Microsoft updating has been a mess, but a newly announced change may help streamline the process

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Smaller iPad Pro can use Microsoft Office for free, but larger iPad Pro can't

Microsoft's screen-size threshold for free Office usage excludes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro -- but not the new 9.7-inch model

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