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Office 2016 crash cropped
office 2016 installation

Office 2016 crash cropped

Microsoft acknowledges Office 2016-El Capitan crashes but lacks ETA for fix

'We are working closely with Apple to resolve this issue,' says a company manager

Microsoft Office logo [orange background]

Microsoft slashes value of Office 2016 upgrade offer

$40 discount rather than free copy for buyers of predecessor; downgrades free Office 365 subscription from five suite installs in 2012-13 to just one now

Microsoft apps on Android

Microsoft strikes a deal with Asus: We won't sue if you put Office on your Android devices

It's a classic quid-pro-quo move that helps Microsoft expand its Office ecosystem to Asus Android smartphones and tablets

teamwork together brainstorming collaboration sharing

Microsoft doesn't get collaboration -- but it might

Despite a mix of solutions from SharePoint to Office 365 Groups, Microsoft's approach to collaboration is stuck in the past -- it doesn't have to be that way

man in field looking through telescope

First look: Top 10 features of Office 2016

A familiar UI and a more thoughtful selection of new features makes the new Office a more welcome update

bossies 2015 desktop mobile

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source desktop and mobile software

InfoWorld's top picks in open source productivity tools, desktop utilities, and mobile apps

office updates for the ipad 2

Microsoft unveils new Office for iPad features on Apple's stage

Office 365 will support the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro and allow side-by-side use on compatible iPads


Microsoft launches new tools for building Office add-ins

The Office UI Fabric framework comes alongside new guidelines for creating cross-platform extensions

office 2016 hero app

Office 2016's Windows release tipped for Sept. 22

Microsoft’s productivity suite is getting a big boost in collaboration features, but few design changes

microsoft campus building

Office 365 beats Salesforce as most popular enterprise service in new survey

Microsoft's office suite as a service made big gains in popularity but still faces competition from Google.

money value down thinkstock

Windows 10 will push you to pay more for Office

Microsoft's hybrid-cloud model for apps will lead to higher prices in return for greater flexibility

sleepwalker statue roof

Don't sleepwalk into Office 365

Plan differences, feature limitations, and service levels can trip up your deployment, unless you do your homework first

tablet login guy

Office Mobile: Better on iPads than on Windows 10 tablets

Touch-savvy Office Mobile is undercut by Windows 10, so the best tablet for Office is still an iPad

libreoffice 4.4

LibreOffice 5.0 gears up for a Web and mobile future

The open source office suite boasts lots of new developers and commits, but has a lot of work to do to stay relevant

Microsoft Office logo [orange background pattern]

Office 2016 for the Mac: We deserve better

Poor UI choices and troubling cloud behavior are sure to frustrate daily users

magician hat wand trick

Office Mobile won't work on your tablet PC without this trick

If you try to use a corporate or education Office 365 subscription on a personal tablet, Microsoft will lead you astray

Office 365 migration path

The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber

Three million more consumers take to 'rent-not-buy' Office, but per-subscriber revenue falls under $50 for the first time

vip party

Office 365 joins the IFTTT party

Microsoft seems to be more comfortable in helping its users work with alternative products, which is a smart move

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