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5 tips for using public Wi-Fi securely

Wi-Fi hotspots are wonderfully convenient, even for hackers; follow these tips to stay safe

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Reddit to honor 'Do Not Track' requests from visitors to its website

The company has also made changes to its privacy policy, which will take effect in January

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The 5 biggest debuts at DockerCon

Throughout DockerCon Europe last week, new products and services made their first appearances, including Docker's fledgling management system

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9 enterprise tech trends for 2016 and beyond

Enterprise technology development keeps racing ahead, and this year's forecast explains how most of it will be wrapped in the cloud


Eight more years of leap-second problems loom as governments punt decision to 2023

A vote to abolish troublesome leap seconds blamed for crashing thousands of networks has been postponed

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How Cisco is trying to keep NSA spies out of its gear

Cisco's suppliers have stronger security requirements, and customers will soon be able to inspect products before buying

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Pauper's guide to systems testing

You don't have a hardware lab for network and system deployment testing? You may not need it

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TPP trade pact spreads SOPA-like censorship worldwide

The deal could dramatically expand copyright enforcement to hinder access to information and stifle free expression on the Web

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Review: Cisco ACI shakes up SDN

Hands-on with Cisco’s highly scalable data center network fabric driven by -- surprise -- a completely open API

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Cisco, Ericsson partner to build and sell next-gen networks

Ericsson said it's cheaper than buying in or building the equipment itself, Cisco said it's quicker than buying Ericsson

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Five things you should know about unlicensed LTE

Here are five things you should know about unlicensed LTE, the concept of sending 4G cell traffic over channels also used by Wi-Fi and other networks.

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TPP revealed: What the trade deal means for online copyright

One month after signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the governments of the U.S. and New Zealand have published the full treaty, including details of what ISPs must do to defend others' copyrights


Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10 percent user share level

Mozilla's Firefox, returning to a multi-month cycle of user share losses, is again flirting with the dangerous 10% milestone, according to data from Net Applications.

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FCC strikes again on Wi-Fi blocking

Hilton and a big electrical contracting company are fined thousands for blocking consumers' Wi-Fi connections

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The best new features in Windows Server 2016 (so far)

From Nano and Docker to software-defined networking and storage features, the next version of Windows Server is packed with great additions

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EU vote for 'neutral' Net plan draws sharp criticism

The European Parliament has approved vague rules for Net neutrality, sweetening the text with a ban on mobile phone roaming surcharges

5 bitter truths about software-defined storage

Software-defined storage can deliver great agility and cost savings -- if you watch for these caveats

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A little hardware goes a long, long way

Tiny, high-powered, and reliable, today’s embedded systems should have you rethinking how much hardware you’re throwing at the job

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2015 technology industry graveyard

Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and others bury outdated technologies to move ahead with new ones

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