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Bare-metal switches poised to take off in data centers

By 2019, more than one-quarter of all switch ports sold will be on open switches

Facebook super-sizes its open networking switch

The '6-pack' switch design expands on Facebook's Wedge, and both are due to be released through OCP

Broadcom unveils 25G Ethernet, SDN optimized chip

Cloud-scale switches based on Broadcom Tomahawk should emerge soon from vendors

A missed detail derails a server room move

A project takes on a life of its own when Internet, intranet, and phone connections act up -- and the reason remains elusive

Dell unveils fabric switch, SDN controller

The new networking gear is designed to scale, automate OpenStack clouds

Broadcom hopes to boost OpenFlow with new spec, software

Broadcom and Big Switch Networks are demonstrating technology that aims to improve the performance of OpenFlow switches

Enterasys buy puts Extreme in networking's big leagues

Following acquisition, company goes up against likes of Juniper, Huawei, and Dell in competition for Ethernet switching

The rise of white-box switches

Software-defined networking centralizes control logic and argues for generic switch hardware -- and should drive strong adoption of white-box switches

Meet your new network admin: The Linux admin (and vice versa)

As Linux takes over the network operating system, the roles of Linux admin and network admin grow increasingly entwined

Alcatel-Lucent challenges Cisco, Brocade unified access

Alcatel-Lucent offers enterprises free switch upgrade that converges wired Ethernet networks with wireless BYOD management from Aruba

HP's Open Ecosystem for SDN isn't just about SDN

App store ecosystem allows new ways to monetize and distribute apps for HP's SDN solutions

Move over, Cisco IOS: Dawn of the industry-standard switch

Bring your own switch, load your own operating system, and save a bundle -- maybe

Virtualization roulette: One 10G switch is never enough

The old joke 'If you can't afford two Porsches, you can't afford one' might apply to 10G switches, but there's a poor man's alternative

Commodity hardware will be hallmark of SDN networks

Riverbed researcher says hardware used to run networks of the future will get less and less important

Open Compute Project's next target: The network

Facebook, Intel, Broadcom, VMware, and company put the commoditization of switching hardware on the agenda

The cloud's the limit for new Arista, Brocade and HP switches

The companies' new offerings are designed to scale their platforms and fabric architectures into 10G-attached servers

HP beefs up SDN with a new virtual switch

Designed for use with HP FlexFabric 5900AF switch, HP Virtual Switch 5900v provides powerful SDN alternative to anemic VMware vSwitch

Dell dives deeper into SDN with new hardware and software

New top-of-rack switch and Active Fabric software upgrades play into Dell's unified architecture strategy

The conflicted rise of software-defined networking

Some vendors crippled their SDN offerings to protect their hardware profits, but smarter providers are switching now

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