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Netcore, Netis routers at serious risk from hardcoded passwords

More than two million of the devices on the Internet may be vulnerable to hackers monitoring their Internet traffic, Trend Micro says

Internet outages expected to abate as routers are modified, rebooted

A flurry of updates to internal router databases caused many pieces of equipment to choke

15 new vulnerabilities reported during router hacking contest

Five popular router models were hacked during the SOHOpelessly Broken competition at DefCon 22

Cisco patches traffic snooping flaw in its networking gear

The vulnerability affects the OSPF routing protocol implementation on Cisco networking equipment

Teach your router new tricks with DD-WRT or OpenWrt

Open source DD-WRT or OpenWrt firmware can breathe new life -- and advanced features -- into your old wired or wireless router

Cisco CEO tells Obama: NSA spying impacts technology sales

Cisco's John Chambers says reports that the NSA intercepts equipment shipped abroad to install surveillance tools will result in a loss in trust

Linksys WRT1900AC: The best open router yet

Linksys' ambitious, prosumer-grade Wi-Fi router is pricey compared to the classic WRT54G router that inspired it, but it comes with a great feature set

Reported NSA backdoors might open up networks to more threats

The agency intercepts devices and installs software that gives them access, an upcoming book says

A missed detail derails a server room move

A project takes on a life of its own when Internet, intranet, and phone connections act up -- and the reason remains elusive

Huawei chip partnership looks toward Ethernet hitting 400 gigabits

The networking vendor demonstrated a router line card with chip maker Xilinx that they say can handle 400-Gigabit Ethernet

Exploit released for vulnerability targeted by Linksys router worm

The list of router models affected by TheMoon worm is larger than previously thought

'TheMoon' worm infects Linksys routers

A self-replicating program infects Linksys routers by exploiting an authentication bypass vulnerability

Cisco promises to fix admin backdoor in some routers

The company plans to release firmware updates to remove the undocumented feature by the end of the month

Default settings leave external hard drives connected to Asus routers wide open

Private files can be accessed over the Internet by anyone with basic knowledge

Apple, Cisco, Dell unhappy over alleged NSA back doors in their gear

Germany's Der Spiegel reports that the NSA has compromised a wide range of hardware for years to enable its spying

First Look: Gigabit Wi-Fi adapters

Low-cost 802.11ac USB adapters deliver an early taste of super-fast Wi-Fi

D-Link issues fixes for firmware backdoor in routers

Firmware coding goof means an attacker could change a router's settings and steal information if remote management is enabled

Vulnerabilities in some Netgear router and NAS products open door to remote attacks

Attackers can compromise the devices with a single HTTP request that doesn't require authentication

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