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How network virtualization is used as a security tool

As VMware sells its network virtualization software, it's finding that security is a big driver for adoption

Meet Cobol's hard-core fans

These folks won't migrate, but the reason probably isn't what you're thinking

Are you experienced? Not for this IT job

Good luck to the IT manager and assistant separating fact from fiction as they try to fill a networking position

The Azure-Active Directory connection just got easier

Microsoft releases AAD Connect, a new wizard-driven tool to help ease the connection

Step-by-step guide to documenting your network

Network documentation isn't sexy, but it's a vital component of keeping your network safe and secure

Infoblox eases private cloud network management

Infoblox is offering an appliance-based solution to automate network address provisioning in private clouds

Tools are the biggest barrier to IT-driven medical care

Cleveland Clinic CIO puts technology at the heart of patient care

Shhh! Don't tell IT how we send documents around here

Ignoring easier ways to share data, a tech-challenged boss and manager devise an expensive and unnecessary workaround

Why 'innovation management' isn't an oxymoron

To foster innovation, IT leaders must balance blue-sky thinking and practical goals

Life's too short for 'fragile' networks

The solutions to problematic networks are generally simple -- if you know where to look, or whom to ask

Manage app logons and authorizations via the cloud

Both startups and traditional vendors offer access management as a service

SNMP: No one likes it, yet no one cares to replace it

SNMP's halcyon days are well behind it, if they existed at all. What's next for networking protocols?

Plumgrid adds advanced networking to OpenStack Havana'

Administrators can set up virtual domains that have their own network topologies

Meet your new network admin: The Linux admin (and vice versa)

As Linux takes over the network operating system, the roles of Linux admin and network admin grow increasingly entwined

Alcatel-Lucent challenges Cisco, Brocade unified access

Alcatel-Lucent offers enterprises free switch upgrade that converges wired Ethernet networks with wireless BYOD management from Aruba

Cisco patches vulnerabilities in some security appliances, switches, and routers

If left unpatched, the vulnerabilities could enable denial-of-service, command execution, or authentication bypass attacks

Facebook networking chief: No more secret ASIC commands

Social networking giant uses software defined networking to wrest more control of its network gear from vendors

If you want a job done right, don't send the boss

An IT boss sets out smart, workable plans for a company's cabling job -- then leaves a seasoned techie to take up the slack

How do you land an IT job? Show, don't tell

Your skills, that is, and as a tech pro finds out, courage, gumption, and good friends help too

Facebook designing network 'fabric' to meet massive performance needs

The company is developing its own take on software-defined networking to feed its insatiable need for data bandwidth

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