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Lawmakers call on FCC to reclassify broadband for Net neutrality

Eshoo calls on the agency to use old telecom regulations, but take a light touch toward applying the rules

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How to set the Internet back 30 years in a few easy steps

The perfect storm of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger and the Net neutrality fight will decide our future for decades to come

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AT&T’s Net neutrality proposal is a slick sidestep

AT&T proposal for 'user-driven paid prioritization' as an alternative to fast lanes is meant to quiet demands for tighter regulation

FCC gets record number of Net neutrality comments, what now?

The agency is now focused on analyzing the 3 million comments it has received

Net neutrality advocates plan slow-lane protest

Several large websites including Reddit, Mozilla, and Kickstarter will display site-loading spinning wheel icons to symbolize slow connections

Tom Wheeler

FCC chairman steps up for citizens, competition, and a better Internet

Amid debate over Comcast-Time Warner and Net neutrality, Tom Wheeler speaks of the need for more choice in broadband

Comcast, Marxism, and Net neutrality: Twisted words, shameless hypocrisy

A conservative lobbying group and Comcast turn up the rhetoric in the already heated Net neutrality wars

Republicans to FCC: Don't force municipal broadband on us

Republicans decry the FCC's tentative plans to reverse laws prohibiting municipal broadband networks, citing states' rights

FCC extends Net neutrality comment period to Sept. 15

The public will now have five additional days to weigh in on how the government should regulate Web traffic

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile face Net neutrality complaint

Digital rights group Public Knowledge plans to file mobile traffic-throttling complaints against big four U.S. carriers

Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality

If you think your company has nothing to fear from 'slow lane' Internet, think again

Google, Facebook lead charge against Web traffic discrimination

Major tech firms tell the FCC to keep Net neutrality strong in order to protect online businesses, particularly startups

CISA bill -- and Internet privacy rights -- moves to Senate for a vote

After clearing Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, cyber security bill now faces potentially contentious Senate vote

Latest cyber security bill riddled with Net neutrality loopholes

Critics attack CISA's vague wording for providing a backdoor route for mounting attacks on Net neutrality and privacy

5 no-bull facts you need to know about the 'no-Internet-fast-lane' bill

Puzzled by the bill put before Congress to make the FCC ban Internet fast-lane schemes? Here's the 5 fast facts you need most right now

Video: John Oliver lays a dingo trap for FCC chairman

A dingo ate my cable? John Oliver doubles down on linking FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to notorious Australian canine

Why Net neutrality matters to your business

Partitioning the Internet into haves and have-nots will give big companies yet another advantage over smaller, more disruptive firms

Cisco: Broadband providers should not treat all bits the same

The FCC's Net neutrality rules need to make room for some traffic management, the company says

Netflix won't budge in dispute with Verizon over video quality

Verizon sent the video streaming company a cease-and-desist notice after messages to customers blamed its network

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