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Republicans call on FCC to release Net neutrality proposal before voting

Three top Republican lawmakers say they want the FCC process to be more transparent

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How has Time Warner failed users? Let us count the ways

On the heels of Net neutrality and municipal broadband, a new complaint against Time Warner could put the kibosh on its merger with Comcast

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10 things you should worry about in 2015

We live in an age of uncertainty, where old assumptions suddenly become open questions. Generalized anxiety is bad for you, though, so focus on these 10 points

Obama promises to promote Net neutrality, broadband

Obama also called for a new package of cyber security legislation in his State of the Union speech

Republican Net neutrality bill allows 'reasonable' network management

The draft legislation would prohibit the FCC from reclassifying broadband and take away the agency's rulemaking authority

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New year brings new hope for Net neutrality supporters

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler reverses course, makes a strong statement in support of Title II regulation and against fast lanes

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DMCA dragnet targets porn downloads, hits GitHub instead

A takedown notice delivered to Google on behalf of a porn publisher has ended up blocking links to GitHub projects as well

Netflix: We're not using Internet fast lanes

Netflix's use of traffic connection deals simply allows the service to get beyond congestion, the company says

FCC to vote on Net neutrality rules in February

It's not clear yet what form the proposal from agency Chairman Tom Wheeler will take

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2015: The year the battle for Net neutrality ends

One way or another, the Internet will change in 2015; let's hope it's for the better

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Top 10 tech stories of 2014

It's been quite a disruptive year in tech. Here's a look back at the highlights

Experts: FCC will adopt Net neutrality rules in early 2015

Yet, it's unclear whether the agency will reclassify broadband as a regulated utility

Net neutrality supporters disrupt FCC meeting

About a dozens protestors called on the agency to reclassify broadband as a regulated utility


Net neutrality: Five myths, and the real facts

No matter how you feel about Net neutrality, these five myths only make the issue more confusing

FCC chairman gives no timeline for Net neutrality decision

The agency needs to make sure any rules it passes will stand up to a lawsuit, Wheeler says

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FCC seeks fiber-optic delay data from AT&T

Request comes after CEO Stephenson said AT&T would delay its fiber-optic buildouts two to three years while the FCC considers Net neutrality

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Net neutrality is as simple as freedom vs. monopoly

Red or blue, liberal or conservative, an open Internet is simply common sense

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AT&T sees delays on fiber rollouts of 'two to three years'

CEO Randall Stephenson refines earlier statements in reaction to Obama approach to Net neutrality

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Net neutrality is not a liberal-vs.-conservative issue

A new poll shows Republican voters overwhelmingly oppose Internet fast lanes -- not that you'd know it from the rhetoric in Congress

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