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Binary data cloud.

Video: Get started, then go deep, with OpenStack

Oh la la, OpenStack Paris Summit features good information for newbies and veterans alike

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How-to: Get started with MariaDB

An easy step-by-step guide to setting up a MariaDB database server and phpMyAdmin on Fedora, CentOS, or Ubuntu

MongoDB adds support option for community edition of its NoSQL database

The service provides as low as a two-hour response time, but leaves out the bells and whistles from MongoDB Enterprise

Not so fast, NoSQL -- SQL still reigns

Developer survey shows SQL databases are going strong, and NoSQL is the accompaniment, not the replacement

5 signs you're outgrowing MySQL

MySQL has earned its huge installed base. But as Scott Sullivan of Clustrix argues, performance warning signs may indicate it's time to consider a NewSQL alternative

Oracle weaves Fabric for MySQL clustering

MySQL Fabric offers high availability and can scale out across multiple servers

Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling

MySQL 5.7 can process twice as many query requests as the previous version could

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn pump up scaling for MySQL

Big names come together on WebScaleSQL for better scaling among companies with heavy database demands

Web giants join forces for open source MySQL scalability project

The WebScaleSQL project looks to make MySQL useable at Web scale

Google Cloud SQL debuts, following Amazon's RDS lead

After lengthy limited beta, Google's MySQL database hits general availability, offering more storage and SLA-backed uptime

SkySQL aims for high-availability database clusters with MariaDB Enterprise

The product combines MariaDB with Galera Cluster and will compete with Oracle's MySQL Enterprise support subscription

Oracle set to issue 147 security patches, including 36 for Java

Many of the Java weaknesses can be exploited remotely, according to Oracle

James Gosling grades Oracle's handling of Sun's technology

The Java founder assesses how well Oracle has managed the technologies it acquired in the four years since it bought Sun

Oracle's still the No. 1 database, but MySQL is on the rise

The DB-Engines site currently ranks Oracle as the top database, but it's losing ground to open source competition

Bye-bye, Big Red? Escaping Oracle's not that easy

Open source databases PostgreSQL and MariaDB are making strides, but need more than technical edge or lower price to attract Oracle customers

Percona challenges Oracle with alternate MySQL release

Percona Server 5.6 replicates some features only found in the enterprise edition of Oracle's MySQL database

Video: PostgreSQL succeeds where MySQL fails

Head-to-head comparison shows MySQL failing to report major data errors, which would lead to big headaches for developers

MySQL face-off: MySQL or MariaDB?

MariaDB challenges MySQL with greater performance, more advanced features, and complete backward compatibility

Oracle gives MySQL Workbench a new look

Oracle has overhauled the user interface of its MySQL administration tool

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