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US no longer requires Apple's help to crack iPhone in New York case

The government said 'an individual' had given it the passcode to the phone used by the accused in a drug investigation

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Key battle looms in the war to protect privacy

User privacy is under attack from hackers, data miners, and the government, but the EFF and tech groups are fighting back

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Apple rebuts DOJ's appeal in N.Y. meth dealer's iPhone case

'Government has utterly failed to ... demonstrate that Apple's assistance is necessary' to crack security, Apple argues


More than 45,000 sign petition against U.S. encryption-breaking bill

Senators shouldn't try to 'make encryption illegal,' the petition says

FBI Comey

FBI says hack tool only works on iPhone 5c

FBI Director James Comey said the government is still considering whether it should disclose to Apple the flaw that aided the hack

IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto

Apple fixes iOS lock screen bypass that gives attacker access to photos, contacts

Via Siri, locked iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices could have been tricked, allowing hackers to bypass the passcode

WhatsApp on iOS

WhatsApp turns on end-to-end encryption for all

Encryption doesn't have to be difficult. For WhatsApp, it's simply a matter of updating to the latest app to send encrypted messages

online security

5 things you should know about two-factor authentication

Here are the basics to help you stay secure and keep hackers from stealing your identity online

How to make Android a real part of your business

How to make Android a real part of your business

Android smartphone and tablets can now safely join iPhones and iPads in your mobile portfolio

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Google warns of Android flaw used to gain root access to devices

The company scrambles to patch a two-year old Linux kernel vulnerability that has been ignored

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How FBI vs. Apple could cripple corporate and government security

The implications go way beyond whether law enforcement can unlock an alleged criminal's phone

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Fight, Apple, fight: Don’t let the feds kill our security

We either have strong encryption and unassailable digital privacy, or we have total madness

Android Security Audit

Google fixes Android bugs, including lingering Mediaserver flaw

Google continues its monthly security update cycle for Android, fixing nearly 20 vulnerabilities in the latest bulletins

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How to avoid common travel and vacation scams

From social engineering before you even get on the plane to apps that are riddled with security holes, it's never been easier for cyber criminals to target unsuspecting travelers

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Tim Cook: The FBI is asking us to write the software equivalent of cancer

The Apple chief made his case against helping the FBI in a TV interview on ABC News

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FBI rebuts criticism that it reset terrorist's iCloud password after attack

Apple says if the FBI hadn't botched up by resetting the device's iCloud password, it might have been possible to collect a new backup's contents

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Samsung comes at BlackBerry’s security crown -- and will not miss

The Galaxy series will take greater advantage of Knox technology at the hardware level, even if you use Android for Work

Apple iPhone 5S (3)

Chinese devs abuse free Apple app-testing certs to install pirated apps

Sideloading technique for testing iOS apps empowers malware on non-jailbroken devices

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