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Cyber security breach attack on monitor with binary code
Android Security Audit

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Apple confirms iPhone-killing 'Error 53,' says it’s about security

The iPhone’s most mysterious and dangerous bug is tied to Touch ID tampering and unauthorized repairs, at least according to Apple

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Google fixes multiple Wi-Fi flaws, mediaserver bugs in Android

Of the 13 security flaws fixed in the latest update, 11 were rated as either high or critical in severity

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Increasingly popular update technique for iOS apps puts users at risk

JSPatch could allow malicious developers to bypass Apple's strict application review process and access restricted iOS functions

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Google issues fix for zero-day kernel flaw, says effect on Android is greatly exaggerated

Most Android devices are unlikely to run vulnerable kernel versions -- and those that do are protected by SELinux, the company said

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Linux zero-day affects most Androids, millions of Linux PCs

A new zero-day vulnerability allows Android or Linux applications to escalate privileges

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Containerization moves beyond the full erase

The latest containerization technologies enable IT to create separate, protected areas for work apps and data on employees' personal devices. The challenge is to maintain security

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Blackphone update closes security hole

SilentCircle used a third-party component that potentially exposed the secure Blackphone to attack

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Google fixes another Mediaserver bug in monthly Android security update

Mediaserver continues to be in the limelight as Google patches yet another critical vulnerability in how Android processes media files

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Maximum security: Essential tools for everyday encryption

Thanks to technical advances and increased adoption, securing your data and communications is a lot easier than you might think

Easy Everyday Encryption

Companies scramble to fix lack of encryption on mobile apps

Five of the 16 companies outed in a Wandera blog post have fixed their mobile apps, which were transmitting payment card information without encryption

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Google patches critical media processing and rooting vulnerabilities in Android

A new batch of security fixes for Android address flaws that could allow attackers to compromise devices via rogue emails, Web pages, and MMS messages

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Cisco patches permission hijacking issue in WebEx Meetings app for Android

The flaw made it possible for rogue apps to hijack the Cisco app's permissions


A shortsighted call for softening encryption

The Paris attacks have given the government an excuse to renew efforts to gain access to encrypted private communications. It's a bad idea

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Mobile payment apps no safer than other mobile apps

A study of 10 popular mobile payment apps found they lack even the most basic security controls

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Half of U.S. businesses have no formal BYOD policy for security

Emergence of biometric smartphone security is rare, survey finds

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Are vendors on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals can't wait for enterprises to mainly apply access controls and encryption as their toughest solution for securing smart plants

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Add next-gen authentication to apps with Authy

Recently acquired by Twilio, Authy makes it easy to send codes to users' mobile phones for that extra measure of log-in security


How a mobile app company found the XcodeGhost in the machine

Apple will face increasingly clever attempts to sneak malware into the App Store

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