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A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft unveils a bonanza of security capabilities

New features for Windows and Office 365 aim to help businesses with cybersecurity

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The Android Wear 2.0 terror and other fake news

The facts about wearables' fit in and risk to the enterprise are a far cry from what the security fearmongers would have you believe

Red wheel barrow filled with money

That mobile management is going to cost you more

As vendors consolidate and demand grows for EMM tools, enterprises are seeing steady price increases

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IBM MaaS360 delivers powerful, easy-to-use mobility management

The Maas360 implementation, although suffering from a dizzying array of options, does a very respectable job with only a minimum of rough edges

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Remote management app exposes millions of Android users to hacking

Man-in-the-middle attackers could exploit an AirDroid flaw to execute malicious code on devices

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The new BYOD backlash hides an ulterior motive

If BYOD costs you too much, you're doing it wrong -- or looking for an excuse to regain mobile control

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Your PC is simply another mobile device

IT needs to start planning now for the day when PCs are managed and secured like mobile devices, and desktop apps are developed and deployed like mobile apps

Android mobile security

Microsoft Intune to support Android for Work

Microsoft takes another step to embrace the others' enterprise mobility management protocols

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The IT lowdown on iOS 10, Android Nougat, and MacOS Sierra

Management controls gain a subtle set of enhancements, and users get conveniences that honor IT security requirements

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Google outlines security features in Android 7.0 Nougat

Improvements include faster direct boot, streamlined software updates, and enhanced integration with corporate directories

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Dropbox levels up its features for administrators

The updates include new sharing controls, admin panels, and more

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Mobile management vendors compared

We have the goods on 11 top vendors, in 10 different features categories

BlackBerry campus in Waterloo September 23, 2013

BlackBerry unveils single console for mobility management

Good Secure EMM works across mobile OSes, apps, and content

android updates primary

Google fails to fix Android's real update problem

The much-heralded auto-update feature in Android N will help only a handful of users

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Microsoft kills off another chunk of its smartphone activities

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is focusing the company's smartphone efforts where it can differentiate

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The Microsoft admin’s brave, new post-Windows Phone world

Microsoft admins rejoice! Microsoft may have abandoned the mobile device market, but it's actually stronger in the corporate mobile market

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More like Windows: How Android N targets the enterprise

Better container management, multiwindow support, and security enhancements should attract companies seeking a more PC-like experience

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FBI backdoors force a rethink of BYOD

The BYOD compact is of mutual convenience and respect for each other's data, but mobile management zeal may break the needed trust

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