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SAP, Ericsson team up for management of mobile devices and apps

Ericsson will help mobile operators offer cloud-based services to enterprise users and customers

Dell's 'virtual smartphone': Too much, too late

Dell shows off clever ideas for enterprise mobile device management, but system may be too top-heavy and Dell-centric

VMware extends virtual workspaces to mobile devices

The VMware Workspace Suite combines the AirWatch mobile management software with the Horizon virtual desktop portal

The iPhone and iPad may be losing their enterprise luster

Android's improvements are magnifying IT's frustrations with iOS and providing a viable alternative for real-world deployments

VMware dangles dollars for mobile, apps, and virtualization migration

Safe Passage migrates users from Citrix XenApp and MobileIron to VMware, with financial incentives as part of the package

IBM goes full-bore on an Apple-based enterprise strategy

IBM gets to ride atop the 'new PC,' and Apple gets serious enterprise credibility

Good steps up mobile security push with Fixmo acquisition, new tools

The company is hoping to convince enterprises that are still faithful to BlackBerry to jump ship, analyst said

Suddenly, it's Google vs. Samsung for Android security

Google buys a dual-persona security provider in a signal it's finally taking Android security seriously

Google beefs up Apps mobile management features for Android

A new feature lets admins configure the suite to wipe an account from an Android device that's been inactive for a preset period of time

BlackBerry opens management of its smartphones to rivals

BlackBerry said that its devices could now be managed using third-party mobile device management applications

By licensing BES10 APIs, BlackBerry retreats to move forward

If MDM vendors can manage BlackBerry 10 devices, there's a chance that users at more companies will consider the beleaguered platform

Citrix brings desktop management to XenMobile

IT staff will be able to manage Windows 8 desktops in addition to mobile devices

BlackBerry hopes new version of BES will help regain lost ground

BES 12 is the first that handles all three iterations of BlackBerry OS as well as Android and iOS devices, and also adds support for Windows Phone 8

Sencha launches Space to manage HTML5 apps on smartphones and tablets

The most advanced Enterprise version costs $7.99 per user, per month to manage HTML5 apps running on Android, iOS or BlackBerry devices

Why VMware paid $1.5 billion to leap into mobile

AirWatch is the biggest acquisition in VMware's history. Sanjay Poonen, head of VMware's end-user computing business, explains why it's the right buy at the right time

Beyond virtualization: Why VMware bought AirWatch

It's not mobile management alone -- VMware may be searching for a new direction or keeping competitors like Citrix at bay

VMware acquires AirWatch to boost mobile management

The company accelerates its client computing push with the addition of AirWatch's tools for managing mobile devices and applications

10 big virtualization and cloud stories from 2013

2013 saw big news around acquisitions, community takeovers, new products, new markets, product deaths, and more FUD

It's time to get over the BYOD obsession

IT's New Year's resolution should be about enablement, not fighting yesterday's wars

The real reason Obama can't swap his BlackBerry for an iPhone

BlackBerry brings more BES capabilities to iOS and Android devices, and begins to rationalize its messy server options

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